Ape Escape Swinging To The PS3 For More Monkey Pants Nabbing?

What will the power of the PlayStation 3 add to the monkey-catching and pants-vacuuming gameplay of the lovable Ape Escape series? Way more monkeys with flashing lights on their heads, according to new art released to promote the series.

The "official Twitter page for apeclub.com, which is the official website for Ape Escape" has been teasing a new Ape Escape game all week, tweeting that a new PS3 game is due later this year. Oh, and that "'Ape Escape PS3' may be the best game so far for PS3 Move." Apparently that cat's out of the bag?

In other clues, the Ape Escape ministry of information claims "If you loved 'Piposaru 2001' you'll love Ape Escape PS3," potentially referencing the monkey shorts-stealing gameplay of that Japan-only PlayStation 2 game.

The game—which is "not 'Ape Escape 4'"—could be on Sony's list of titles that it plans to highlight at next months' E3 expo. If it's PlayStation Move-enabled, we're guessing it's going to get some attention.


    One can never have enough apes, i say.

    One of my guiltiest pleasures from my PSP was playing the ape academy games...

    More apes, i say, more apes!

    You know, this game probably perfectly fits Playstation Move more than anything else. Dare I say that the controller was designed to catch apes?

    Aww... and I was looking forward to an Ape Escape 4.

    I remember getting the first Ape Escape in a bundle that came with a t-shirt and a dualshock controller. Good times...

    If they keep the basic gameplay, but add new features (Move is one), I will buy a PS3 just for it.
    No lame party game / shorts vacuuming please.
    Net only.

    Never played it before. But I think I see Waldo in the corner...

    I was hoping that with today's graphics they would have dropped all that cartoony nonsense and made incredibly realistic apes instead. This game will bomb if they keep a ridiculous cartoon look for it.

      A game known for it's cartoony expression and feel?
      Please! xD

      Surely this is sarcasm sans the customary 'colon capital P'?

    So long as this is a 'proper' Ape Escape game and not some half-arsed, ridiculously shallow, Wii-style minigame nonsense, it might actually provide a reason to buy the Move...

    @ Trent Strickland, you're an absolute dickhead mate. Glad, you're not the one designing our future video games.

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