Are These The Ten Hardest Games?

"Hard" in gaming is relative. What I might think is easy, you might think is not. What you might is a piece of cake, I may find impossible.

Website has compiled a list of the "Top 10 Hardest Games". Agree, disagree, but first, read the list:

10. Jet Set Willy (1984, Software Projects / ZXS)

9. Metal Gear Solid (1998, Konami / PS1)

8. Shinobi (2002, SEGA/PS2)

7. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening (2005, Capcom / PS2)

6. Ikaruga (2001, Treasure / Dreamcast)

5. Battletoads (1991, Rare / NES)

4. Demon's Souls (2009, From / PS3)

3. Contra (1987, Konami / NES)

2. Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (1991, Capcom / SNES)

1. Ninja Gaiden Black (2005, Team Ninja / Xbox)

Top 10 Hardest Games [ShortList via Game*Spark via Sankaku Complex]


    I tell you what- bashing the Circle button for the torture scene on MGS is next to impossible on a frikkin PSP...

    I didn't really find Battletoads hard, im sure if I played it again now I would suck at it, but back in the day I was the battletoad MASTA!

    Of the games on that list I've played, I would agree they are some damn hard games... except Metal Gear Solid, on Normal it was pretty standard...

    So glad Battletoads is on the list, that game was balls to the wall hard!

      "On normal"

      Well theres your problem.

      Battletoads deserves it spot on the list, spent a whole week while sick defeating that game. Worst part was the hover bike thing, you'd spend ages "learning" the pattern on the bikes, and everytime you got a gameover you had to do all the stuff before it.

        That's not my problem though, when you make a list of the 10 Hardest games, my understanding is these are hard based on the standard entry level difficulty. Not just because the settings are adjusted in favour of the AI.

        Looking over the comments below also, I'm not alone in thinking that MGS certainly shouldn't be on the list.

          I dunno, I'm no casual gamer but when you can't get out of the water to the lift after about 10 goes on normal, then another 5 attempts on easy, then the credits continue to roll and then the next area is just as hard...*throws controller across room*

          Hard as titanium.

    totally reasonable list except for mgs on ps1??? i mean it definitely had some tricky parts but surely not eligible for top ten

    Hey I actually finished DMC3 on Hard! But not 'dante must die' difficulty... shame on me :(

    Surprised to see MGS there.. :/

    Holly crap! Those Ninja Gaiden Black videos are bloody long.

    i used to play battletoads every day for years when i was little with my friend, never got past the 3rd level.

    Metal Gear Solid? What?

    I finished that in a single evening on normal. On hardest, it only took a couple of tries.

    To be fair, I used an auto-fire pad to complete the training sequence, but even if you fail that, you can still complete the game.

    That game isn't difficult at all. The rest of the list is solid.

    Battletoads isn't really that hard, but you do have to memorize the jet bike level exactly (its more frustrating.)

    Contra is another one that doesn't deserve to be there. After you have memorized the level, its really easy.

    I Wanna Be the Guy is the hardest game I've played, and I've played most of that list.

    Of that list, I'm sad to say I've only played Battletoads. And that was only for a short time, many years ago.

    Wouldn't mind trying Demon Souls, though. Just need a PS3, and an AU release :P

      It's already out in AU

    Dont really agree with metal gear solid, and havnt given demons souls a go yet, looking forward to Aussie release. If ninja gaiden is higher then super ghouls n ghosts though, i dont know if i ever want to try it, i like my controllers to stay working.

    Apparently only one of the testers could finish Ninja Gaiden Black on the hardest difficulty...

    They say his thumb hard a turbo button, hidden beneath the knuckle...

    Im confused how MGS PS1 is on the list.. unless this list is basically saying on SUPER HARD these are the hardest..

    I mean in that case, there's a heap of hard car games which are impossible on super hard. Anyone actually beaten F-Zero GX on gamecube? That was almost impossible..

    Battletoads still makes me shiver. That game was crazy hard, so glad it made the cut.

    I agree that MGS shouldn't be up there, that was pretty easy to knock over.

    I'm yet to play Demon's Souls, but based on what I've heard, I think I'll just avoid it. Sounds way too painful.

    I don't think those old games should count (Contra, Battletoads, etc...) often they were purposefully made insanely difficult because if they weren't, you'd finish them in an hour and never touch them again... again, it's hard to classify what exactly makes a game hard.

    Like, a lot people couldn't get passed the first dungeon in Oblivion before you go out into the real world (yes, I'm referring to the tutorial), and gave up before it started... but I spent over 400 hours in Oblivion, exploring/mastering every aspect of it. However, I suck the balls at God of War 3 so badly to the point where I'm regretting buying it because I'm so stuck. And I've only been playing for an hour... :/ Guess it depends on what you grew up playing.

    Totally agree Ninja Gaiden Black should be where it is. Hardest game I've ever played.

    I loved the difficulty of it though. You couldn't just charg in, you had to fight tactically like, well, a Ninja.

    Just the thought of the 1987 C-64/ZX Spectrum game 'Army Moves' is something that makes me want to jump onto ebay to order a Quickshot-2 joystick... Patiently wait for it to arrive in the mail... Sign for it, carefully remove from its packaging - and then throw at a wall as hard as I can!

    Also - Super Ghouls n Ghosts was a walk in a sponge park for children in mittens next to the original Ghosts 'n Goblins coin-op!


    Monster Hunter Tri? Way harder than half those titles.

      Hear hear! Bloody fast Barroths.

      Unite is worse than tri, although the first wave of Online Monsters do seem to hit pretty hard.

    Agree that MGS should not be up there. I'm pretty terrible at video games in general, but I never found it difficult.
    Pretty sure I Wanna Be The Guy needs to be there.

    Being hard single-player is one thing. But an AI's difficulty is still doable if you put in enough time. I can think of half a dozen WoW raid bosses my guilds have wiped endlessly against and think they were 'harder' than these games. That or competitive/extremely skilled opponents in FPS/RTS genres.

    "good against remotes is one thing. good against the living.. that's something else"

    Good to see Ikaruga made that list.

    Although once you died so many times that you just get unlimited credits, it becomes easier. =P

    I'm so sick of hearing Demon's Souls is a hard game...took me 32 hours my first play through and after you beat the first 2 bosses of each area the bosses become RIDICULOUSLY easy...the final boss is a joke! Only gets really hard half way through the extra mode.

      I partially agree with this. Demon's Souls is hard for many people because it requires memorisation of the levels and good execution, but once you get beyond that, it's got a high entry level of difficulty, but it doesn't ramp up that much.

      A game is apparently hard when most of its player base can't seem to avoid rolling off cliffs. :P

    I don't think Demon's Souls belongs on this list. It's got a high initial level of difficulty for what people are used to, but it doesn't raise the bar too much as the game progresses. Most of the bits you hear people complaining about in the first couple of levels are almost as hard as the game gets.

    Ultimate Ghouls'n'Ghosts on the PSP is MUCH harder than the Super NES version, it's a whole new world of pain.

    I'd also like to see at least one Shoot 'em up on there. Probably Touhou, for anyone that's heard of that.

    I'd replace Demon's Souls with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, that is a rough game. It's much nastier than tri, although tri's monsters do hit harder when you first reach them online, but there's no comparing to how hard a G rank monster in Unite can hit you.

    Never played it personally, but that Silver Surfer game on NES which AVGN did looked pretty ridiculous.

    in my opinion warcraft 3 for pc has pretty hard comps for custom games. the easy comp can kick my butt in 2v2.

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