Are You An Autobot Or A Decepticon?

The co-op campaign in Transformers: War for Cybertron allows players to experience the game as either an Autobot or Decepticon. Which one will you choose first?

As game director and snappy dresser Matt Tieger points out during this clip covering the campaign mode in Transformers: War for Cybertron, Hasbro sells an Autobot toy for every Decepticon toy. The fan base is split right down the middle in terms of factions, and I've seen fistfights break out over passionate fans defending their side.

You have to admire fans with that much love for the property. Well, you have to admire the fans with that much love for the Autobot side. Decepticons suck.


    I have a Decepticon logo tattooed on my right forearm. Down with Filthy Autobot Goddamn Scum!!

    See what I did there? :-P

      That is actually pretty damn cool.

      Trust a Decepticon to resort to petty name calling.
      Everyone knows the Autobots could kick the Decepticons' collective backside if they could really be bothered :P

        But what else are we Decepticons to do once we've finished destroying you Autobots? After we rule the universe, there's not much left to do but.... Pick on our fallen enemies. It's a hard life, but someoene needs to do it :-D

      Im making the first vp bt1 decepticon police car


    I wear my Decepticon belt buckle proudly at work. On another sad note, out of pure coincidence, I'm drinking my morning tea out of my Transformers mug. :S

    Truck not Monkey.

    Autobots, even though when it comes to choice of vehicles they shot themselves in the tyre

    Optimus: One shall stand, one shall fall...
    Megatron: Why throw away your life so wrecklessly...?
    Optimus: That's a question you should ask yourself Megatron.
    Megatron: NO ! I'll crush you with MY BARE HANDS !!

      Such heroic nonsense.

    Decepticons fo' life.

    An earthly comparison show humans are the Decepticons of Earth, our lust for energy sources (Energon) is unrivaled and never ending, with us crushing all in our pursuit for it.

    Decepticons all the way :)


    Autobots FTW.

    Starscream sounds like a transsexual.

    You got the touch! You got the POWER! YEAH!

    I'm split down the middle!! i don't know who i want to play as first...'s tearing me apart inside!!1

    Autobots, because A is before D. Unless the game defaults to Deceptacons, then I'll be those first.

    I'm 50/50 myself, although if Decepticons is chronologically first that may tip the scale in their favour.

    As for the toy sales, if all your Transformers are Autobots who will they fight. As a kid I tried to Balance the size and number of my Transformers collection.

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