Are You Ready For Some Different Football?

The first thing game reviewers see in the box containing review code for Xbox 360 and PS3 football game Backbreaker is that piece of paper, that saying. Hope the game isn't maddening.


    Yay Backbreaker... that is all.

      I have decided to get my copy for 360, because more people here seem to be getting it for that.

      Also, yay Backbreaker.

        Send a FR to 'FatShady Live'if you want.I'll be getting it as soon as it comes out.

        I also have a plan...
        EB and GAME both have shifted their release date to 3/6/10. JB still has not updated their systems so it is listed as going on sale 27th May. What I am hoping for is that when the shipment arrives (should be before 3/6/10) I can walk into any JB store and just ask for the game. I expect that as they have not shifted their release date, I will get it early. Also, it is only $79 and you get a free football (crap i know but like the big pile of crap... we take what we can get!). I love merchandise!

    I see what you did there... >_>

    innovation needs those who innovtae... worst quote ever.

    had it read, innovation needs those who dare and those who dare see the beauty in something new, it wouldve made more sense.

      "innovation needs those who innovtae". That IS the worst quote ever, Tezz.

    i downloaded the demo and i kind of liked it. the concept is there but the LS movement is a bit "errr i didnt do that" and by 'that' i mean running in a circle.

    still, its an awesome game and i like it

      You are right in that the controls do take some getting used to. I have been playing it all week and while I was able to just pick up and play. To master the controls will take a bit longer. Once you play if for a bit though and pull off a good tackle or pass you feel like you have earned it much more than in any other game.

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