Army Schools To Offer Game Design Courses To Military Kids

American universities aren't the only ones who have noticed the appeal of games design courses; so has the Department of Defence, which will offer them in its vocational programs for kids of enlisted military and civilian workers.

The Department of Defence Education Activity schools have overhauled their curricula for the 2011-2012 school year, and will offer courses in such high growth/high interest subjects as robotics, biotechnology, green technologies, and, yes video games design.

They'll replace courses like hotel and lodging management, welding and automobile technology.

DODEA schools largely serve high-school age dependents, and are intended to help prepare them for college, their careers, or their own enlistment in the military. Games design was one of several recommendations given to the DODEA by a task force that had been meeting for more than a year to evaluate the course offerings.

DODEA Overhauling Vocational Programs [Stars and Stripes via Game Politics]


    I can't help but think that they might need that welding and automobile technology course.

    "We need you to make a game son, where you pilot a drone and hunt journalists in the desert, only the journos have RPGs, but not really (sshh), and if possible, instead of a game if we could just you know.. rig this up to work with an actual spy drone.. thatd be super too."

    I hear the first review will be on Wikileaks.

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