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Ask Me Stuff

Every Wednesday I ask you to Ask Me Stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

I’ll be doing this every Wednesday.

Now, fire away with those questions.


  • Although not a recent marketing technique I have noticed of late the way games PR often provide gaming journalists and occasionally a select group of the public great entertainment opportunities whilst promoting their wares. I refer to things like the Mod Nation go karting event and the Just Cause sky diving adventure etc.

    My question though is do you see this as an effective method of promotion? Is it sweetners to some journos when it comes to writing on the product? Is it pushed like that from a developers point of view? Are their better ways of promotion?

    • Haha. KKND is hardly in the same league as X-Com. It was a competent C&C clone and that was about it. I’m guessing Atari/Infogrames/whatever they’re called these days still own the IP. Perhaps an iPhone version might work for them?

    • I don’t believe this promotion will be available in Australia. Activision certainly haven’t confirmed it.

    • Nintendo is the most secretive gmes company in the world. We will know when new Pokemon screens are going to be released when Nintendo sends them to us. Not a moment before.

  • Hi David, have you heard anymore about the ‘PlayStation Protection Plan’ being made available in Australia, and how much it might cost? Thanks 🙂

  • Hi, When you buy the orginal xbox Halo through xbox live download does the multiplayer work? Sorry never download games through there.

    Also when the Halo Reach Beta turns off on May 19 are people going to leave there Xbox 360 going to keep it alive now that there not turning of the servers i.e. the like Halo 2.

    Thanks this section of Kotaku is one of my favs.

    • The original Halo for the xbox only had local and system link multiplayer – no xbox live capacity. I’d imagine the same properties apply to the Games on Demand version.

      And when the Reach beta goes offline, it will go offline. It won’t be possible to keep it going by continually playing / not turning off the xbox. Use the Halo 3 beta as a guideline.

    • The Cracks is correct on both counts. Only Halo 2 supported Xbox Live play, not the original Halo. You can of course still play Halo splitscreen and system link if you download it from Games On Demand.

    • I can recommend a few… If you can actually get your hands on them…

      – ICO/Shadow of the Colossus: They’re not RPGs per se but they’re still brilliant. You’ll need to go online to get a copy though.
      – Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
      – Suikoden IV/V/Tactics
      – Phantom Brave
      – Magna Carta
      – Wild Arms 3/4/5
      – Wizardry
      – Xenosaga II (Part 1 & 3 never got PAL release)
      – Unlimited Saga (Really bad from what i hear…)
      – Disgaea Series
      – Soul Nomad & the World Eaters
      – Other KOEI RPGS – La Pucelle Tactics, Grimgrimoire, Atelier Iris series
      – .hack series

      There’s plenty more as well. Unfortunately, you won’t barely find any of these games by walking into your local games store. So online is your best bet.

    • You could try some games in the Shin Megami Tensei series, though they may be harder to find than your FFs and DQs. Persona 4 is definitely worthwhile.

    • Listen to tallkid and lexie, the Shin Megami Tensei series should be top of your list, specifically Persona 3 FES, Persona 4, Nocturne and Devil Summoner.

      I’d also recommend both Dark Cloud games, but especially Dark Chronicle, as well as Rogue Galaxy, also developed by Level-5.

      A quick shoutout to Disgaea, too, if you like a more tactical RPG.

  • any chance on finding some info about the release of the playstation network movie store for australia?

  • Hi David,

    What do you think about the 3DS, I am all over it as long as it’s graphics rival that of the gamecube. None of this a bit better then n64 bs like the DS claimed. Do you think this will be so?

    Also do you think the 3DS will cater for a young adult, or still be more targeted at children like the DS.

    3D screen + intoxicants seems like it could be one hell of a ride, can’t wait.

  • Same question as last week Dave, I know you cant answer them all! 🙂
    I was wondering where all the awesome prizes Kotaku AU gives away come from? Is it the publishers who come to you guys and say ‘here’s some free games to give away’? or does Kotaku pay for the prizes? Or does Kotaku ask the publishers for an xbox to give away for example??

    Just curious is I! Either way, its working great! (Any chance of a Skate 3 comp give-away coming up?

    • The game publishers give them to us, for free, obviously. Sometimes they call me with something, sometimes I call them if there’s a game I’m especially keen on. They come up with the prize packs and I choose how we give them away.


  • Dear Dorveits,

    I heard on the grapevine-internets that you look exactly like UFC fighter Dustin “Wildgoose” Hazlett. Is this true? Perhaps you should post a screen shot of this dashing man and let the people decide.

    Kind Regards,

    Stephan Kold-Labia, CMO

  • I know mmorpgs are like free money, but I wish Bioware would make KotOR 3 or failing that Sith of the New Empire.

    Any chance there will be any such games???

    Also has there ever been word on a Jade Empire sequel??

    • Bioware seem to be moving towards creating their own IPs rather than adapting an existing IP. Jade Empire was their first attempt and, more recently, they’ve had huge success with both Mass Effect (which replaced KOTOR as their sci-fi series) and Dragon Age (which replaced the licensed D&D titles as their fantasy series).

      I’d imagine the Old Republic MMO will remain the exception to the rule.

  • Dave or anyone else who might know,
    I could swear the tales of Monkey Island was released on PSN in America a few weeks ago but can’t find it on the Aus one, blind or hasn’t been released yet?


  • Probaly a stupid question but, do you have anymore reach beta codes up your sleeve?

    Despite my best efforts i couldnt get my hands on one, so another chance to win one would be great!

  • Transformers: War for Cybertron is looking amazing. Every new trailer i see just makes the game look amazing. Sure it aint graphically anything special, but the game play has this very simplistic and balanced look to it, i know its hard to judge by the trailers, but everything just looks nice and purposeful without been complicated, like Halo:CE was.

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