AU Diary: Alpha Protocol And Iron Man Winners

AU Diary: Alpha Protocol And Iron Man Winners
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We ran two Sega giveaways last week. One to win espionage RPG Alpha Protocol, the other win movie tie-in Iron Man 2. Let’s find out who won.

First, your Alpha Protocol winners are: Josh, gman, FRIENDLYUNIT, Jonathan Betten, iamGhozt, SeoN, SirJD, Stone, Braaains and Crono. All ten have scored themselves a copy of the game on PC, 360 or PS3 when it’s released at the end of this month. Plus, they get their winning interview questions answered by Obsidian’s Chris Parker and Chris Avellone. Look for the full interview in the coming weeks.

Second, your winning AC/DC-lyrics-repurposed-to-be-about-Iron-Man-2 are:

Mr Explody‘s “Stark Is Really Strong” (to the tune of “You Shook Me All Night Long”)
He was a fast machine,
And shined like Mr. Sheen,
He wore the best damned mecha that I’d ever seen
He had those back-lit eyes,
Used his arms when he flies,
Shooting up dudes like it’s the 4th of July

Fighting more than his share,
Baddie’s don’t have a prayer,
He may bust a suit, but He’s got plenty of spares

So when the iron suit’s waking,
Bad dude’s start quaking,
And faces breaking,
Stark’s here to mush them into glue,

Stark is really strong!
he knocks em out, I said, glue,
Stark is really strong!

Adrian Verna‘s “Iron Man” (to the tune of “TNT”)
See me fly out with my jetpack
From inside your tank
Kill as much terrorists as I can get
Damn straight you KNOW I’m a threat.
Rockets to the left of me
And bullets to the right
I am a gun
I am a knife
Don’t you start a fight.

IRON MAN. Don’t you start a fight.
IRON MAN. I’m a power load.
IRON MAN. I’ll make you explode.

I’m metal, mean, I am not green.
I am Iron Man.
I fight crime, I am number 1
So lock up your band guys, lock up your guns
Run out the back door, and run for your life
Iron Man is back in town, and I got backup this time.

(Repeat chorus)

Shuvy‘s “My Armour Chafes Like Hell” (to the tune of “Highway To Hell”)
It ain’t easy, living encased
Season ticket for another sequel
Guns are hot, Gold and Red
Taking on everything in my way
Don’t need mercy
Don’t need weakness
Tony stark has a problem though
Growing rash, lotion time
My nuts are gonna be there too

My Armour chafes like hell!
Armour chafes like hell!
Armour chafes like hell!
My Armour chafes like hell!

Ryan Bowen‘s “It`s Been A Long Time Since Tony Had A Normal Human Heart” (to the tune of “It’s A Long Way To The Top If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll”)
Ridin` in the desert
Got a missile to show
Stopped by guys with guns
Shooting my army guys
Gettin` grabbed
Gettin` shot
Gettin` beat up
Broken boned
Gettin` had
Gettin` took
Poor Tony Stark’s
Got it harder than it looks

It`s been a long time
Since Tony had a normal human heart
It`s been a long time
Since Tony had a normal human heart
If you think it`s easy wearing armoured suits
Try being this playboy Stark
It`s been a long time
Since Tony had a normal human heart

Obadiah, traitor
Backstabber of our guy Stark
Selling weapons outside
The designated lines
Big old man
Evil guy
Betrays Tony
For monay!
Big old man
Evil guy
That`s how it goes
In the superhero world

It`s been a long time
Since Tony had a normal human heart
It`s been a long time
Since Tony had a normal human heart
If you wanna fly to the moon and back
Well tough, only Iron Man can do that!
It`s been a long time
Since Tony had a normal human heart
It`s been a long time
Since Tony had a normal human heart
Oh, it’s been such a long time!
Such a long time! (for the Iron Man)
It`s been such a long time, long time! (bagpipe!)

DONAR‘s “RDJ (Ode to Robert Downey Jr)” (to the tune of “TNT”)
See me flyin’ while the sun sets
Over Marvel’s NYC
Took down Stane, didn’t break a sweat
Got back in time for drinks
Cap is to the left of me
Thor’s to the right
We all get our own films
Then we’ll team up..
Don’t you start no fight

Cos I’m
I’m Tony Stark
Perfect for the part
Box office smash
Rollin’ in cash

Got an Aussie as the Thunder God
Johnny Storm’s now Cap
Just don’t mention the Fantastic Four
(They were crap)
So get into Gold Class
Buy all the toys
Widow costumes for the girls
And repulsors for boys
Iron Man is back in town
So don’t you mess around

The sequel’s great
And you just can’t wait
And see it you must
The Bat can eat our dust

Well done, everyone. I’ll be in touch shortly to arrange your prizes.


  • awww man i was really hoping i would win one of these.. lol

    As always guys, great entries!
    Really enjoying those ironman entries! lol genious

  • Oh,wow…never expected that! I actually checked my emails before reading the results so i didnt think i had won, thanks David! Really looking forward to reading the interview.

  • !! is that me? wow thanks a lot Dave!
    and congrats to the other winners and the ironman lyrics composers!

    Can’t wait! Do we wait for an email or do we just send you the address and console preference? Sorry…still new to this.

    Thanks again!

    • Hey Adrian, can you change your Facebook settings so I can shoot you a message? Need your details to send out your prize.

  • Fantastic! I look forward to the interview.

    I’d love a copy on either of the consoles if possible!:)

  • Awesome!!!

    Better chase down a needle for my record player…man, I hope they still make needles.

    Thanks David.


  • Awesome!! It’s a subject I’d been thinking about for ages so I look forward to reading the answers!

  • Awesome! I’ve been away for a few days, just got home today, take a look in here and – sweet! 🙂

    Now I just need to get my PS3 back *sigh* 🙁

    How do we go about claiming our prize? Should I have received an email or something? Or will we hear something later on a bit nearer the game’s release?

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