AU Diary: LA Makes Me Sick

I was in Los Angeles last week for a pre-E3 event. I saw some games, spoke to some developers and came home with a nasty head cold.

Thanks, LA!

I'd like to tell you more about the games I saw, but unfortunately they're all embargoed until E3. What I can tell you though, is that if you want some healthy food and decent coffee in LA, head to Venice. That information is no longer under embargo.

Finally, before I start my evening of Red Dead Redemption, here's the final winner of last week's Prince of Persia competition...

Philip Mayes!

Time-travelling Prince seeking like-minded Princess. (Must have own donkey).


    E3 is going to be sick. Can't wait for it!
    Hope you feel better soon Goose. =]

    And congrats Philip!

    LA makes me sick, too. I'm glad to see I'm not crazy. Still, I bet it was sorta fun.

    well done philip! that one had me in stitches!

    Nearly 10,000 km for decent coffee and healthy food? That's dedication that is!

    I’ve had a cold that has lasted all last week, I hate that scratchy feeling you get in the back of your throat right before it hits you. But it’s all good, I took the recommendations of some Kotaku readers about what PS2 RPG games I should pick up. I managed to pick up Odin Sphere and Shin Megami Digital devil saga over the weekend.

      Good man. Digital Devil Saga has one of the most amazing stories ever. DDR2 gets even more philosophical than the first. Never played Odin Sphere but I own a fair few Koei RPGS.

      Phillip - Well done! That was a good haiku.

      David - Hope you get better quick. There are times I'd rather get the flu than have my face blocked up completely.

        Odin Sphere isn’t your typical turn based RPG, it’s actually a 2D game with a heavy focus on mixing items and attack combos using singe players.

        I really love the art style of this game, they have taken advantage of the fact that the game is 2d and gone totally over the top with the characters, and it works. In a 3d game on the PS2 they may have looked silly, but the art in this game is stunning.

        check it out

    So, anything you can tell us without breaking the embargo? Like, talking in vague generalities?

    Sorry to hear you're unwell. Bummer.

    Also, grats to Philip Mayes.

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