Aussie Nintendo Store: Kirby’s Voodoo Tentacles

Aussie Nintendo Store: Kirby’s Voodoo Tentacles

It’s a jam packed week yet again with multiple releases on the Wii and DS – yes, even for us Aussies! Let’s take a gander.


Art Style: Penta Tentacles (600 Points)

A game that involves tentacles but doesn’t involve young Japanese schoolgirls, surely you jest? No laughing here! You play as a small organism which requires others to grow bigger and bigger. But unlike usual games of the genre you get bigger and bigger by adding different coloured tentacles. It’s an Art Style game so the presentation is low key, but that’s part of the charm, isn’t it?

Voodoo Dice (1000 Points)

A puzzler from Ubisoft, starring – you guessed it – dice. It’s a complicated one to explain, but it requires you to move and rotate dice, but then the dice have to have specific numbers on the top in order… Yep, no idea, perhaps the guy who did that 5000 piece puzzle and then lost one piece will be able to do it? Seems pretty hardcore.

Virtual Console

Kirby’s Fun Pack (SNES, 800 Points)

A Kirby compilation of eight smaller games. You may have recently seen Kirby Super Star on the Nintendo DS, which is a remake of this compilation. It’s a great collection of Kirby themed games, but the DS remake is better, though obviously somewhat more expensive.


Hero of Sparta (800 Points)

You know that game God of War? Hero of Sparta is exactly like that, just not as good and on DSiWare. While based in Greek mythology, you’re able to put your ugly (or, ladies, your cute) face on enemies in the game, so you can beat yourself up. How depressing.

Flips The Magic Faraway Tree (500 Points)

EA’s back with their magical Flips series of books, though this one is back at the higher price of 500 points.

Sadly, Australia misses out on some recent European releases: Bloons, Animal Color Cross, Just SING! National Anthems and Lead The Meerkats.

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