Aussie Xbox 360s Get Cable Television

Australian Xbox 360 owners will later this year get access to what Americans would call cable television, with a deal struck between Microsoft and Foxtel, a provider of satellite TV.

While exact details like pricing and, more importantly, exactly what channels are available are thin on the ground, we do know that for a monthly subscription fee 360 owners will get access to Fox Sports, Discovery, Nickelodeon, Disney, MTV and "other leading channels".

Doesn't sound like too big a deal, but in Australia, Fox Sports is king. It's the home of Australian Rules football, Rugby League, Rugby Union, the English Premier League, the local A-League soccer competition and a lot of international cricket as well. For Britons, it's like Sky, for Americans, it's like NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA TV and MLB TV rolled into one.

As most Australians are still without a Foxtel subscription - it's a bit pricey - this should prove to be big business for both the 360 and Foxtel, provided a workaround can be found for the nation's stingy bandwidth limitations (hopefully Microsoft and Foxtel can lean on Australian ISP's to exclude Foxtel data from caps).


    I posted a question on InsiderX asking if the HDD will act like IQ. I doubt it but will wait to see the response from jinx.

    So I need to leave my 360 on for long periods of time, when I'm not playing games?


    Depending on pricing and ISP limitations... woot?

    If its in the iinet free zone (and cheap), I will consider. I do actually have a foxtel Dish that came with the house we bought but just cant afford pay TV thanks to ridicules internet prices.

    Is there any info on whether Xbox support comes with already existing Foxtel subscriptions?

      Indeed. We have Foxtel already, and the Xbox is in a different room. So, I'm curious as to how the Xbox Foxtel integrates with already available Foxtel.

    it sounds good in theory, but i'll be interested to hear more about costing, whether the harddrive can be used with an IQ type function that it already has, whether the data will or won't be included in ISP caps, etc

    I fear it will only be Telstra customers who can get Foxtel data exclude from caps, just to increase Telstra's horrible market dominance.

      Seconded. I can't see a Telstra subsiduary being allowed to make any deals which positively impact Bigpond's competitors.

      Meanwhile im on 100 gig telstra adsl2 at $70 so if foxtel is telstra :-) I might be in luck

    Firstly, I'm staggered this news had to come from the US site.

    Secondly, it just highlights how backwards we are: Despite Foxtel being 50% owned by Telstra, according to the Australian; there will be no NRL or AFL streaming of matches through the Xbox since Telstra owns the digital rights to those sporting codes.

    *face palm*

      No AFL and NRL? Damn, they're the whole point of having Foxtel!

    This makes me want to out and go out and buy an Xbox 360, but i have already got Foxtel and IQ in my bedroom so for me its kind of useless.

    Apparantly they are in negotiations with 2 local ISP's for quota free access to foxtel....fingers crossed its iinet :) but id say iinet and telstra will be the ISP's that are unmetered.

    Yay! Cable TV! Oh wait.. I have a 20Mbps connection thanks to iinet, and cable tel4evision is redundant... and I dont like watching things on strict schedules..

    On the up side it does give me another monthly bill to have to deal with, which is always fun.

    I has a choice when I was about 13. Foxtel or Internet. I chose internet. But now I'm 19 and have a job, this is seriously tempting. The only problem is; it could CHEW my internet even though its 50GB on peak 50GB off.

    No AFL = No Sale

    It's a total fail without it.

    Roll on NBN.

    this would go down well for me as a Bigpond customer ( as foxtel will be "unlimited" because Bigpond owns foxtel )

    Hmm... Foxtel isn't just satellite. It does use cable.

    Let me buy individual channels (rather than packs of 1 decent channel and 7 shit ones ) for a fairly small fee.
    Let me download shows rather than stream them on their timeline (or at least let me schedule the 360 to record them).
    Let the bandwidth be free through an ISP deal.

    If those 3 things are done, I might do it but if I have to consume a lot of my very limited bandwidth, buy a channel pack containing the shopping channel, 3 shitty endless repeat soap opera channels and a channel about obscure sports that even the commentators have barely heard of all to get the comedy channel which I can then only watch like regular tv, I doubt I'll be embracing it.

    This is a n00b question, but how would this work without an antenna socket in the XBox?

      throught lan port courtesy of the interweb

    I'm assuming this would be some kind of use for the On Demand stuff thats hosted online that people can stream to their PC's currently.

    Would be little effort for the 360 to run this with account permissions that would allow only the channels you pay for to stream. But this would just stream programmes from channels.. not the actual channels.

    Will be interesting to see develop regardless.

    itd be crap if it was through an isp
    my area is crap for streaming anything. cant even stream youtube hd videos.
    what about a usb add on that converts tv signals?

    so....on top of xbl subscriptions, add-ons and avatar gear, netflix and this, how much money are microsoft making now?

    Now when are we going to get Netflix and Netflix-streaming Down Under?

    Its all good news for Aussie game console, TV lovers as the free-to-air networks are offering their free online Catch Up TV services, which are coming directly to TVs, Blu-ray players and games consoles such as the PlayStation 3. However, the Foxtel Xbox 360 deal with Microsoft could mean a lack of Catch Up TV services on the console.

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