Backbreaker Shows Madden How To Run The Football

Tired of Madden's arbitrary approach to contact? How its running looks, and feels, more like ice skating? Upcoming football game Backbreaker is, which is why it does things a little differently.

This clip, showcasing the running game, does a better job than any previous video for the game in showing how Backbreaker doesn't deal in floating tackles or gliding runners. It deals in heavy men pounding the run. What I like best here isn't the actual moves on show; I like the incidental contact, how every brush of an arm or plant of a foot affects both the ball carrier and the tackle.

Backbreaker will be out on June 1 for the 360 and PS3.


    One thing I liked about the old Maddens was the running game.

    I can't wait to get this for my PS3.

    Now this looks like an awesome gridiron game!
    I think i'll certainly be getting this one if it keeps looking this good and reviews well.

    I'm getting this precisely because of the lack of NFL licensing.

    As a customisation whore, I want custom teams, dammit.

    I'm not an NFL fan but it looks awesome.

    hmm i was almost certain i was getting madden this year...

    methinks backbreaker is going to give it a run for its money!

    Hey Fellow Aussie backbreaker fans/curious observers and customisation whores (Versegre = mee too!).

    Can't wait for this one!

    Hi David,
    Dug up an old post to ask you a question about this game. i understand that @Pastapadre has posted (twitter) that there is a media embargo relating to backbreaker. It is only a week or two before release and I was wondering if you have any info. Is this true or have you or your US counterparts been advised of this or is it all rubbish. There has been a steady stream of videos comming out over the past few weeks so doesnt seem to be any issues but I have not seen much else?

    I know I should have waited til tomorrow's ask me stuff but I am keen for some answers, or at least you to start looking into it if you have time?

    Cheers and thanks.

      The embargo is for reviews only. I can't quite recall the date it lifts.

        You are truly a good man. You have replied to this when I am quite possibly the only person who cares in Australia.

        Thank you.

        On a related note, does this happen often and what justification have you seen for this. Is is about eliminating bad press before release or building anticipation for the game?

        Finally, what are the consequences. An Italian site posted a review video (thankfully no-one in the US seems to be able to understand it so the content is not known), but more in game footage than has been seen previously. What can Natural Motion/505 games do abot this?

        Also, if you can find the date that would be good.


          Every game carries a review embargo. In theory, it levels the playing field across all media, so that one outlet doesn't gain an advantage through simply getting the game earlier.

            Ah... In the same way that a common street date does level the playing field for reatilers. See, I am learing... thanks Mr Wildgoose!

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