Bargain Hunter: Mass Effect 2 Price Goes Renegade

Or perhaps EB Games is boosting its Paragon meter. Either way, Bioware's action-RPG is half-price at EB stores until June 1.

That means you can pick up Mass Effect 2 on Xbox 360 for $53 and on PC for $48.

Which is actually slightly under half-price.

So EB is Paragon after all. But who would EB "romance" - Miranda or Jacob?


    Isn't it a bit sad that on a months old game, $53 is less than half price.

    Anyway awesome deal, think i can convince my mates to grab themselves a copy now.

    play red dead you nerds


        Your loss.

        Cheers for the heads up David-can't wait to get into this one.

        Playing Mass Effect, I actually wanted to finish the game for the pure joy of seeing how the story unfolded. More games like this are needed if gaming is ever going to be considered an adult endeavour.

      Ha, I really don't think anyone commenting on a video game website can be calling Mass Effect players nerds! ;)

    I say they'd romance Tali.

    coz she's sterile and faceless and a little bit weird.

    Also, that 1/2 off sale is on a bunch of stuff.
    I picked up Dark Void last night.

      yeah but unlike the other stuff on sale, this price is only until monday.

      And unlike dark void, mass effect is awesome.

        I knew it was going to be crap.

        But my love of jetpacks drew me in.

        Still waiting for a Rocketeer style game.

        Also, I don't own a playstation so I needed to know who this Nolan North fellow is.

    I don't think I've ever played an RPG as such, but I'm looking for a new fix after finally completing Bioshock2. Might wait until after my assignments' due date to pick up a new game though...

      If you are looking for an RPG, ME2 is not it.
      It's a 3rd person shooter with dialogue options, a greatly entertaining one but still.

    You should have warned me yesterday, before I innocently and unguardedly walked by an EB and ended up with half-price Mass Effect 2 and half-price FFXIII in my bag. No idea when I am meant to play these, what with RDR, ModNation, and exams.

    Uncharted 2 is also half price, just in case the guy who didn't already buy it is reading this.

    I'm working on Kelly myself. Great game, haven't finished it yet but taking it slow, an hour here and there. Too busy with MW2, RDR, Alan Wake and the new SC.

    I think the whole weekly Top 10's half price, which is a somewhat bold move by EB

      Yep! So you can get Final Fantasy for half off as well. Also Alpha Protocol is 20 bucks off making it 79 and I notived Splinter Cell is like 30 bucks off.

    Metro 2033 is also half price. Is it worth $50 or should i wait/rent it?

    DAMMIT! Picked this up 3 days ago, they were charging about $90 for it then! You bastards!

      If it was only 3 days ago, then you can return the game (inside 7 days) get your money back and then simply re-buy the game at the cheaper price...

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