Bargain Hunter: Let’s Take A Look At EB’s Huge June Sale

Bargain Hunter: Let’s Take A Look At EB’s Huge June Sale

EB has heavily discounted a truckload of games for its June sale. And it’s not even June yet! Here’s a rundown of some of the best deals to be found.

And I’ve highlighted my five picks in bold.

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (DS) $24.97
Aliens Vs. Predator (360, PS3) $49.97
Aliens Vs. Predator (PC) $44.97
Alpha Protocol (360, PS3) $79.92
Army of Two: The 40th Day (360, PS3) $54.97
Assassin’s Creed 2 White Edition (360, PS3) $49.97
Assassin’s Creed 2 White Edition (PC) $54.97
Bayonetta (360, PS3) $49.92
BioShock 2 Special Edition (360, PS3) $74.97
BioShock 2 Special Edition (PC) $64.97
Blazblue: Calamity Trigger plus Arcade Stick (PS3) $79.93
Blazblue: Calamity Trigger with two controllers controller faceplates (360) $79.93
Borderlands (360, PS3) $49.97
Borderlands (PC) $44.97
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (360) $29.92
C&C Tiberian Twilight (PC) $59.93
Dante’s Inferno (360, PS3) $54.97
Darksiders (360, PS3) $54.97
Dark Void (360, PS3) $29.97
Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii) $34.97
Endless Ocean 2 (Wii) $49.93
Fallout 3 GOTY Edition (360) $69.93
Fallout 3 GOTY Edition (PC) $49.92
Final Fantasy XIII (360, PS3) $59.97
Final Fantasy XIII Limited Collectors Edition (360) $59.97
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers (Wii) $39.97
God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition (PS3) $219.93
GTA IV (360, PS3) $29.92
GTA IV (PC) $24.97
GTA Episodes From Liberty City (360, PS3) $49.92
GTA Episodes From Liberty City (PC) $39.91
Guitar Hero Aerosmith (360, PS3) $14.97
Lost Planet 2 Collectors Edition (360, PS3) $79.93
Machinarium Collectors Edition (PC) $24.97
Metro 2033 Collectors Edition (360, PC) $54.97
Nier (360, PS3) $79.93
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (PS3) $49.97
Oblivion GOTY Edition (PS3) $24.97
Pure Football (360, PS3) $29.92
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition (360, PS3) $49.92
Scribblenauts (DS) $29.97
SingStar: The Wiggles (PS2) $29.92
Sonic & SEGA All- Stars Racing (Wii) $39.97
Splinter Cell: Conviction (360) $79.93
Splinter Cell: Conviction (PC) $59.93
Star Trek Online Gold Edition (PC) $39.97
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3) $49.97
WET (360, PS3) $24.97
Yakuza (PS3) $69.93

Check out the full list here. Are you tempted to pick anything up?


  • maybe Alpha Protocol.

    I haven’t seen any reviews yet.
    What are your thoughts on Alpha Protocol Mr Wildgoose?

    • I have yet to play it. However, I hear that while it’s not the most polished game, there’s value in it if you can get your head around the fact it’s a genuine RPG rather than an action game. That is, more like the original Mass Effect or even Deus Ex, where your stats have a profound impact. But we’ll see…

    • I may not be the goose but i have been playing AP over the weekend

      It’s a lot like a poor mans mass effect 2. Has some truly redeeming qualities but some which are not

      Like ME2 it is basically shooter with RPG elements rather then a full on RPG.

      There is some missions which are purely chatting (which are great) bht the voice acting
      is not so great.

      One thing i have noticed is that the decisions you make have far reaching consequences unlike ME2 (well so far anyway)

      For example if you choose to shoot person X, that will tick off person Y and person Y won’t assist you in the future making a mission harder

      the decisions you are making are generally with little information and like a real world agent (i would think) you have to rely on your gut

      i have not regretted decisions in games more then i have in this as it can really come back to bite you hard and often.

      weapons customization is really good, and in depth but don’t expect AAA all the way

      perfect bargain bin pickup and perhaps with a trade in or two worth it now but unless you are totally into the spy aspects (its very much like a james bond RPG in a way, girls and all) its hard to reccomend over more recent releases.

    • I found myself enjoying it immensly despite all of (many) problems. Incoming hyperbole:

      The graphics suck (textures are god awful), animations woeful (especially after RDR), VA dreadful (especially after ME2) and often contradictory in the same conversation and the AI is missing for large parts of the game.

      And yet, it is Deus Exy enough that I can’t get enough of it (well, in between S&P2 and RDR and… all the other good stuff). It’s beguiling :S

      If you have the option, grab it on PC via Steam. It’s better than either of the console editions.

      • I too am no Goose, but i gotta say its should not be put in the same vein as Deus Ex2 let alone Deus Ex.

        for 4 years worth of work and using the unreal 3 engine, the original Deus Ex is better looking graphically and has way better VA, Story and gameplay.

        i got it from steam, and im wishing i could return it, because its terrible. Fallout 3 has better combat than AP. the only thing i found good with AP was the the fact that dialog actualy helped/hinderd you in the maps.

          • Hence why I said ‘its just Deus Exy enough’ to keep me interested. There’s no defending Obsidian for what AP is after all the time it has spent (though SEGA ought to shoulder some of the blame as well I think, especially the last 8 month delay it suffered).

            As for non-modded Deus Ex looking better, you’ve out-hyperboled me! You can have 1 internet cookie!

    • That’s what I’m after except everyone I’ve rung are all out of Red Dead. They say they might have some more in this week. Here’s hoping!

  • To be honest, there really isn’t anything that is poking me in the eye. If there is a game that I want to play, I would already have it.

    IF I had to buy anything, I would probably get GTA Episodes From Liberty City. But after playing Red Dead I would have enough of Sandbox games for a while.

    And just because I never dabble in RPGs, for something different I might go Final Fantasy. What do people think? Worthwhile playing?

  • I wouldn’t mind getting AC2 and Dark Void, I’ve heard Dark Void is actually an underrated game.

    Also, That Ace Attorney game you have highlighted. How does that actually play? Is it a point and click game? Or more a puzzle/riddle game?

    I’m looking for a good DS game to pass the time; I may go pick it up today.

    • its a detective sort of game, not with puzzles and sort like drag this there, rearrange this picture etc etc. Its more puzzle kinda game, trying to find the holes in the defendants/prosecutors case

    • Point-and click.
      You move Miles around the screen and interact with the environment to dig up clues. It’s mostly 2D and static images though (although some character sprites do move a bit), so as with most Ace Attorney games, you’ll probably be invested more in the story of each case.
      Not the best AA game, but still a reasonably solid one.
      I’d certainly recommend it for $25, but I love the Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney games, so I’m a little biased.

    • Dark Void is indeed underrated and totally undeserving of the reputation it seems to have, perpetually maligned by people I suspect haven’t actually played it (obviously some must have, but we all know how the internet works).

      It’s definitely not perfect, but for $30 (and if like me, you loved the console Crimson Skies) it’s a no-brainer.

  • As i said, there wasn’t much at the sale to tickle my fancy price wise..

    I went to about 4 seperate EB Games’ and all had run out of the ACII White edition on 360…

    Seriously considered getting Machinarium but held off for the moment. I’ll probably go back and get it this week though..

    But in all honesty this sale brings most games down to competitors prices and most you can still find cheaper elsewhere if you don’t mind going online.

      • just remembered, you are a 360 person and that’s the only one that you can’t get it online!

        sorry about that…

        • haha it’s ok.. just plunge the knife a little deeper. 😛

          One day i’ll have a PS3… it’ll just take some serious saving.

    • There is a way to go to EB and ask them to get it from another store.

      But it takes a while. They send the game to their Brisbane office, then back to the store you went to. The price SHOULD stay at $50, but it really depends on the person there and then. I did this for the metal gear solid 4 guide, when it was on sale for $25 (normally $50!). I placed the order, then the next day the sale ended. but it came in 3 weeks later, and i only had to pay $25. So it’s up to you – are you prepared to wait for a couple of weeks? And there is a chance you may have to pay full price? You shouldn’t have to, but there is a chance. Hope this helps.

  • I bought a “new” copy of Red Dead Redemption from EB last week only to bring it home, open it up, and find fingerprints all over the manual and disc. I guess there’s no such thing as “new” at EB, only used and less used.


      They gut the games for obvious reasons. Get out a cloth, wipe off the fingerprints, and move on with your life. Or just don’t shop at EB next time. (Although good luck finding a store that DOESN’T gut games…)

      • I usually just go to the counter and ask for the game, since they tend to get it from the back anyway. I never taken home a gutted game unless those are the last ones in stock. I think the issue here is the tendency for EB staff to take games home and play them or for people to return games which then get sold as new again.

        We don’t know for sure how those fingerprints got there, but it’s a frustrating reminder that we might be getting used product at new prices.

        • we might be getting used product at new prices.

          This is EB we’re talking about – is there really that much difference? :-/

      • Umm…Game. Got RDR brand new, got home and removed the plastic wrapping. There is no way known I am paying around $100 for a game to have some grubby teenage fingerprints on it before mine.

  • Was wondering how much is it to buy the DLC off the ps3 for fallout 3?

    I’ve got the original, but i just haven’t gotten around to downloading all the extras.

    Is it more worth it to just straight up spend 50 bucks on 5 extra quests?

    (I totally have no idea how much the DLC is)

  • The only thing that grabbed my eye was the xbox 360 + 6 games for $399. That’s an awesome deal.

    Red Steel 2 for $50 is okay, and I was looking at picking that up possibly.

  • Just picked up Fallout3 GOTY for PC and Metro 2033.

    I was waiting for you guys to post an article on this (after I mentioned it in the past 2 TAYs.)

    You forgot to add Cod4:MW for $45, although anyone who actually wanted it would’ve had it by now.
    Mass Effect 2 for 360 is $54.97 and for PC is $49.97, I was thinking of getting them, but they mightn’t be my type of game genre.

  • Just picked up Plants vs. Zombies for like $10 😛
    Already own it on steam but mum got hooked on it so I thought, DRM Free and only $10? Why not.

    Really want to get a 250GB PS3 bundle but have to wait for my tax cheque about July…. not too worried about the price as it has stayed the same for last couple of months.. $599 plus two/three games xD

  • Looking at that list kinda makes me wish I didn’t like buying things on release. Some of those prices make me wince when I remember what I paid for ’em.

    Maybe Dark Void or Ace Attorney.

  • I was able to snap up a PS3 Fallout 3 Lunchbox with Vault Tec Bobblehead on sale!
    a white edition Assassins Creed 2 for the fun of it. AND THE BOOK was $8 for some reason!
    Very excited. Hooray for EB.

  • Just in case people are wanting to see a review of Alpha Protocol, have posted one.
    Bout to watch it myself.
    My picks out of this bunch would be oblivion GOTY, Fallout GOTY and maybe borderlands, all for PC. Oblivion isn’t for PC in this list I know but my local EB has the PC version on sale for $25.

  • Finally Borderlands is under $50! I can’t believe that game has been so expensive for so long! Just last week I was in EB and they still had it for like $80!!

    • Wish i hadnt bought the normal edition already, id so buy that collector’s.

      Im kinda tempted to buy the assassin’s creed white edition though, cause i like that figure, but ive already beaten the game.

  • As for picking stuff up, it’s not as awesome as the PS3 price, but Bayonetta Climax Edition for $88 on 360 is pretty swish.

    Otherwise, I’ve already paid full price for lots of that stuff 🙁

  • Hmm, Heavy rain Collector’s edition $60. I’d really like to buy this game, but I think the novelty of it will run thin before I actually finish the game. Is the story actually entertaining enough to keep you interested?

  • Blazblue: Calamity Trigger plus Arcade Stick (PS3) $79.93
    Blazblue: Calamity Trigger with two controllers (360) $79.93

    This is kind of funny because JB Hifi (at least, all the Perth stores) has had these at $59 for somewhere around one or two months now, and prior to that I’m pretty sure $79 was their standard price.

  • hmmmm tempting on a few titles though I think I might wait for JBs list before making any decisions.

    What are the chances they will be cheaper…?

  • Is Wet any good? From what I’ve read, seems like silly, grindhouse fun…or at least worth $25…

  • BRAND NEW “Pure Football” for 360 is only $30. Sure it’s only a $50 game, but still. I haven’t heard anything about the game and I picked it up!

  • Mr. Wildgoose, I figure that I should mention that BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger on Xbox 360 does NOT actually come with two controllers. It comes with two controller face-plates. It doesn’t mention it on the EB website, but it is definitely controller face-plates, not controllers.

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