Bargain Hunter: One Hell Of A Deal?

Bargain Hunter: One Hell Of A Deal?

Hey, remember Dante’s Inferno? Plenty of hype before launch. Then it came out and we all seemed to instantly forget it ever existed. Well, it’s now going cheap.

$49 in the new JB Hi-Fi catalogue, cheap. That’s on both PS3 and Xbox 360.

I never actually got around to playing it. I figured if God of War bores me then a game that aspires to nothing greater than to be God of War would probably bore me, too.

But $49 seems like a good deal to me. Are you tempted?


    • I can imagine that (not having the GOW3 option) being the main reason for a lot of people buying it.

      I’d be curious to see the sales figures for this game on 360 v PS3 – I suspect the 360 version would be MUCH higher than the PS3 since that one didn’t have to compete with God of War 3 being released soon after.

  • I paid $68 for the ‘Divine Edition’ not too long after release and I enjoyed myself with the title. My brother and I are raising hell in the 2 player coop in the St Lucia DLC recently too. Fun times!

  • It was a decent game, but way too short. I bought it on release and took it back within 7 days to EB. It’s an easy Platinum/1000 points for trophy/achievement whores, like myself.

  • Still too expensive. Apparently, the main problem with this game was its repetitive nature once you got further into it.

    I’ll ‘think’ about it once its price hits the $25-30 mark. If I still remember it exists…

  • I returned it the same weekend I bought it. It *was* really repetitive and, aside from the art style, easily forgettable.

    • I don’t know if you are serious or not…

      But in general, you do realise that our prices are pretty much on par with US prices based on each countries minimum wage?

      So I can afford a game in AU in about the same time as someone from the US can in their own country… but if I choose to import, sure it’s heaps cheaper because our dollar still strong.

      We all want games to be as cheap sa possible, but we’re not exactly disadvantaged by the prices set…

  • For those that are calling it repetitive, what exactly were you expecting? It is a hack’n’slash!

    Your character has a range of moves (more become available as you gain experience), you face off against a range of enemy types who have their own attack patterns. Throw in some bosses, sub-bosses, elemental puzzles and you have a game.

    The whole concept of these games is to find out what works best against each enemy and their attack patterns and use those move types over and over to progress through the story.

    By that same definition, then God Of War is guilty of the same ‘crime’ along with many other games (Wolverine). As long as they pace the game well and it’s enjoyable, then it’s fine. When Wolverine is a good example, I went for the Platinum, 3.5 play throughs later, pretty much back to back and I was still having fun, even though I was using the same moves over and over.

    All games suffer from it, what about (older) Final Fantasy games? They can become repetitive, getting caught up in random battles over and over, and these games can last well over the +30hrs range.

    Dante’s did it quite well, it was all still hell, but each of the 9 circles have a different visual flare, slowly introduced a new enemy here and there over the course of the game. The Holy/Unholy path option provides a tactical element to what powers you unlock.

    I got it full price on release, I’ve played through it twice already… Once as Holy and the other as Unholy (still missed a Sliver Coin somewhere), so will be playing for a 3rd time soon, it’s mindless fun and will certainly be buying into the eventual sequel that will come from it.

  • Man this game must have been a real kick in the nuts for the developers.
    So much hype before release and in the end nobody cares.

  • Didn’t you just get a free copy to play/review no?

    I just imagine every game critic/journo, at least one at Kotaku, would get almost every new game coming out (Dante’s Inferno at least considering the hype) and get to keep it or have it long enough to pass and though away later.

    Am i wrong Dave? Are you not a real game journalist?
    Not good enough? Reveal your secret!

  • JB’s prices are inconsistent. I picked up Dante’s Inferno from JB for $49, but that was over two weeks ago. Since then they’ve put the price back up to $79.

    If you are planning on buying it, call up the store first and ask. 😛

    Also, they might give you the display case.

  • I found the demo (especially the beginning of it) to be hilariously derivative of God of War, to the point it was insulting that they didn’t admit it was a complete ripoff. $49, though… that’s pretty decent.

  • I dunno. I’ve tried it, still seems a bit too much of a generic button masher. Maybe when it hits the $25 sweet spot.

  • The very first fight is pressing the “chop, chop, chop” button 400 times against woeful cannon fodder, then the second fight is an intensely boring grind of hold block, wait for the attack animations to finish, press the fast attack 5 times, rinse, repeat. Very occasionally you will be grabbed by an unblockable hit that leads to an annoying quicktime event.

    After literally 10 minutes, I was bored out of my skull. Go get Bayonetta. It’s just as stupid, but at least it’s a fun kind of stupid and the fighting mechanics are fantastic.

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