Beards Make Games Better!

Fallout 3 knows the rules: beards make video games better. Take these pics as example, showing that even some of the all-time greats - like Mario, Metal Gear and Zelda - can be made greater by handing out beards.

Look at Mario! He's now got a face befitting his steadfastness. Snake? His chin is now as mysterious as his past. And Lara Croft... well, she's just a little creepy.

Making game characters more mature with beards [Examiner]


    Now I'm no expert but it's quite disturbing seeing Lara Croft with a beard

      My younger self would've cried seeing that picture.
      ...or are they?

    I cannot say anything apart from HELL YEAH

    Anyone else think Master Chief looked like Cthulu?

    Metal Gear has already had tactical bearded action given to us by none other than Big Boss/Naked Snake.

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