Before You Write To Nintendo And Ask For A Free DS, Read This

So, an 11 year-old schoolgirl wrote a letter to Nintendo and got a free DS for her class. Before you try it, though, you should know Nintendo will chase up your claim.

"Nintendo always calls the school, hospital, retirement home, or whatever it may be to ensure the letter is legitimate," Nintendo Australia's PR rep Heather Murphy told News. "In this particular case, Nintendo called the school and spoke to the school principal."

After speaking with the principal, Nintendo decided to send a DS and a single game "suitable for children to play". As for how often this takes place, Murphy says "Nintendo does not routinely give away products in response to letters. From time to time, we may donate product to schools, hospitals or retirement villages".

Thing is, when this normally happens, it doesn't make internet news, inspiring millions of people to think about doing the same thing. Because of that, Murphy issued the following plea: "So therefore we hope we do not receive an influx as we simply would not be able to respond."

Nintendo sends DS to school after girl's letter [News]


    But what if I just write a letter to Nintendo telling them that I have no money for a new DS lite, they can call whoever they like, that story is pretty bang on.

    I'm writing one up right now...

    And she only got a C!?

    Ripped off..

    So it was a class set project to beg companies for technology?

      This teaches kids some pretty stupid things about not trying to earn things etc.

    wait.....Aussie schools have an A,B,C ect grading system now?

      For a few years now, yeah.

        A - Balls to the walls amazing, pretty much perfect.
        B - Fucking awesome, a B is the bees knees
        C - Is ok, you did well but not too well. A C is not bad
        D - Terribad, you need to study.

        Notice how that teacher did not correct her spelling mistakes. What a terribad teacher...

          Fucking terribad is my new favourite word... thanks... but behind incredigood, of course.

          As for the article, haha, I remember writing a similar message to the Melbourne zoo for a remarkably similar assignment when I was in primary school. I got some of those plastic stretchy lizard things for free... good times.

    she only got a C yet she managed to get a DS...

    I think its a copyright sign :P

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