Beware This Ruinous Prince Of Persia Glitch [Spoilers]

Beware This Ruinous Prince Of Persia Glitch [Spoilers]

I was enjoying playing Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands as I played it this weekend for review. That doesn’t mean I wanted it to glitch near the end and force me to start over. Too bad for me.

This post contains videos of the inescapable room I found myself in while playing a finished Xbox 360 copy of The Forgotten Sands.

These videos are, I guess, SPOILERS, since they show things that occur in the final hour of the game. They are light on narrative spoiler, but hey… just know this: By watching these clips you may also discover how I got trapped in an inescapable room. And, until Ubisoft patches the game (let’s hope they do), it’s best to be forewarned.

Please note that I seem to have been caught in this glitched room because I let the Prince fall and die, and because the game was autosaving, for some reason, while I did that. A reporter friend of mine who was also playing the game for review did not encounter the same glitch – another says he heard of one who did. My friend probably avoided it because he didn’t die at the spot I highlight in the second video of this post. So my advice to you is this: Don’t die there!

The first video, posted up top, shows the glitched, inescapable room.

The second video is a surprise. What you see in this clip is part of my second play-through of The Forgotten Sands. Because I had been caught in the glitched room during my first play-through – and because the game only allows one save file and no chance to restart from any other file – I had to start The Forgotten Sands over from the beginning. Several hours later, and about 20 minutes before I encountered the area where I died and was deposited into the glitched room I reached the room you see in this clip. Note that this is, in fact, the glitched room – except that it isn’t glitched here. It works fine and is, thankfully, escapable. This is how the room is supposed to work. After you get through it, you reach a climbing section that leads to the place where my glitching problems began.

The third video shows the late-game sequence where I died during my first play-through. I call out the specific jump that did me in, the jump that respawned me not at the base of this climbing sequence but in the glitched room. This video shows you where not to die, so that you can avoid the glitched room.

Now that we can all see my follies, let’s hope Ubisoft spots the bug responsible at squashes it. Players beware; it’d be a pity if this ruined your experience of an enjoyable game.


  • I had a near-end game-restarting glitch happen to me in Sands of Time too. Just after getting the uber sword that kills everything, I went back to wipe out the room of enemies I’d just run through with no sword. There was a save point that appeared in there after beating them all, so I used it. I think I quit the game after that, then when I came back… for some reason my prince had reverted to the same state as when beginning the game. Minimal health bar, first sword, no extra sand vial things. Couldn’t fix it without going back and just not doing it. Can’t remember if that happened before or after I started saving in different slots each time though, but if not then I certainly started afterwards 😛

    • I got a different bug in Sands of Time too. At one point Farah is supposed to help you open a door and… she just won’t. So I either had to start over or stop playing. I stopped playing, and it seems these bugs are common in PoP games so I might stay away now.

  • Video error is possibly sometihng to do with using Motionbox, FBConnect and IE.
    I wonder if non Facebook account holders are the only ones having issues or it is everyone with IE8.

  • Dear UbiSoft. Please allow more than one save file for your games. Hard drives are pretty damn big. Give me as many save files as I want please. And get rid of that Copyright prohibited crap from AC2 (Not sure if it’s POP). Backing up saves helps to avoid game death glitches. Thank you.

  • What, AGAIN? Does anyone remember the game-ruining bug in Warrior Within where you would be unable to enter the last sand portal to face the final boss? One of the worst bugs in gaming history because a) it came RIGHT at the end of the game and would force you to replay again from the beginning, and b) because there was NO CAUSE for it- it was completely and utterly random and your save could be ruined at ANY point!

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