Big Beautiful Call Of Duty: Black Ops Screens

So, you enjoyed last night's boisterous Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer, but you wanted something even bigger, but running at a slower pace? A half dozen super-sized screens from the follow-up to Modern Warfare 2 might scratch that itch.

You won't see much new here. Instead, you'll revisit many of the Vietnamese and Arctic locations highlighted in the full length Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer. You'll just see things more clearly, a chance to study weapons, vehicles, tattoos...

Oh, and they make great wallpaper options.


    Is it just me or does the guy in the first screen look like Keanu Reeves... woah...

      Okay... imagine this pose with this stubble

      Who needs meds now? Hmmm? Certainly not Zen Marx, Gerry the Unicorn, Alan the Leprechaun and me...

    I just hope that this game is better that World at War; I didn't much like Treyarch's last attempt. (I would go so far as to say that Spiderman 2 is their best game so far)

      See, I disagree. I found World at War to be brilliant and I enjoyed it more than Modern Warfare.

      But then, I do love me some World War II.

      Maybe they should set the next Spiderman game in WWII to satisfy both parties?

      [email protected]'s main issue is that it truely felt like a MW expac

      this doesnt mean it was crap

      i thouroughly enjoyed it and they know how to make a fun game something MW2 is not hopefully they stick to there own and run there own type of MP because the one we got was crap, the killstreaks are more of a detriment than a positve as any noob with a toob can get a predator and then move on through the next ranks fairly easily

      plus they have awesome co op and things like nazi mode :P

    Can't wait for this. Loved WaW, any game with a local search feature wins for me. Plus co-op campaign, and the best thing in any COD game... Nazi Zombies :)

    Wow more of the same.

    Screw you activision, you arent getting my money anymore. I promise to play your games though, you greedy two bit thieves.
    Screwing gamers over with untested games that are multiplay dependant, bullying your employees, stealin, and a guy in charge that doesnt know what videogames are but like the size they add to his ego.

    Time for a respawn..

    The guy with the mad face warmer never changes facial expressions.

    at least the water looks better than cod4

    Back to Vietnam?

    That last screen just looks too much like the Modern Warfare franchise. I hope they prove us wrong.

    why do video game characters all have to have stupid tattoos now? tattoos are for sissy folks.

      maybe my internet sarcasm detector isn't working...

      I don't even have a tattoo, but I find it funny that calling somebody who puts a permanent image on their skin with with a rapid-fire needle "sissy."

    Would be nice if they forked out for some Apocalyse Now soundtracking...

    Man I LOVE the smell of commerce in the morning...

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