Bionic Commando, Dark Void Last Straws For Capcom

After not one, but two Western-developed sales blunders, Capcom is planning to stick with its home turf.

Capcom's president, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, tells the Financial Times that the company is giving up on developing new franchise titles in the West after the catastrophic sales of two of its attempts, Bionic Commando and Dark Void. Predicted to sell in the millions, neither did better than 750,000 copies. Now Capcom wants out.

We already knew back in December how upset Capcom was about Bionic Commando's less than average debut. However, Dark Void may have been the straw that broke the camel's back.

Without the fan base or movie tie-in of, for example, its successful Street Fighter franchise, Capcom realised that original titles like Dark Void were too risky to keep investing in. From now on, the only reason the company will employ developers from outside of Japan is to build sequels or new versions of their existing games. (See: Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, Dead Rising 2.)

Tsujimoto said he in part blames the changing face of the game industry - now rife with downloadable games, social gaming, and new gaming platforms like the iPad - for the lower sales of new Capcom packaged game titles. He said Capcom will focus its efforts on developing new games for these new mediums instead.

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    Sorry Capcom, but you know why these games failed?
    Because they were TERRIBLE, terrible excuses for games. Believe it or not, but some quality control goes a LONG WAY.

    "Tsujimoto said he in part blames the changing face of the game industry – now rife with downloadable games, social gaming, and new gaming platforms like the iPad – for the lower sales of new Capcom packaged game titles"

    Maybe try bringing out some GOOD games, instead of the trashpile you called Bionic Commando

    Yeah never mind that neither title was of a high enough quality to stand out.

    Throw blame around all you want, gamers (generally) don't buy garbage.

    Make a decent game and it will sell, its really quite a simple formula. Played both Darkvoid and BC:Rearmed, and they really were some of the worst games i've played on consoles.

      Hey, Bionic Commando ReArmed was great! That was the 2D download update of the original. I bought that one because, as a huge fan of the original back in my Commodore 64 days, that's what I wanted from a BC remake.

      It was the 3D Bionic Commando game (just called Bionic Commando) that was a huge, steaming pile of excrement.

      BC:Rearmed was the xbox live side scroller and it was actually good. i think you meant bionic commando. To make up for dark void's crappyness i suggest the dsiware version.

    It's also a bit unfair to compare Bionic Commando, and Dark Void especially, to the likes of Street Fighter, which has a massive established fanbase.

    On another note, the 2D version of each game was received very well, critically, so maybe the lesson of the story is not that 'western developers = bad', but that studios must be given enough time and resources to suit the project at hand. The reason Capcom can churn out these inarguable good fighting games is that the basic mechanics have been set in stone for decades, making development more a matter of tweaking gameplay and upgrading visuals.

    Before people start talking about quality, you do have to keep in mind that it's entirely possible that Capcom "may" have made the best game they could with the budget they allocated to these games. The problem with new ip on HD consoles in general is that they cost so much to make and you don't get the return on investment. Lets say Capcom had decided to spend twice as much to create the quality game that you are talking about. Would it have sold more than 4 times as much? I doubt it a single new ip that has sold over 4 million.

      Assassin's Creed. You make a good point though.

      But its exactly the point we're making, if you can't make a quality product in this HD console generation it simply isn't worth your time or money.

      Quality *is* the factor.

      Put simply, if those games are the best you can make within your budget don't make them, they've made the right choice.

      The reason why people (and myself) went up in arms about this is because of what Tsujimoto said; that social gaming and portable gaming platforms are changing the industry and not leaving room for titles like Dark Void and Biotic Commando.

      As I said above, gamers don't buy garbage. To clarify - they'd much prefer to buy a high quality 2D, casual game then an average quality HD game.

      I'm not at all blind to your point and it certainly is obvious by the high failure rate of new IP games.

      Possibly a way to remedy the situation would be to flip around the way companies do releases, instead of following up a HD game with some 2D or arcade/portable spin-offs, offer the small version first, ask the quation: "Who wants to see a full proper HD game made from this franchise?". Works for me.

    Few things capcome:
    1) aim low and try to get a game's title out there first.
    2) Make good quality games, intelligent gamers don't like to buy crap.
    3) Where is the advertising, the spread of knoledge of the games existence. I'm not asking for a multi-million dollar marketing campaign, but you need to advertise smart. Those funny live action bionic commando ads were good, but you had to find those ads rather than stumble across them. However i don't know if advertising would have improved on poor quality.

    Lost Planet 2

    - terrible AI
    - terrible online lobby.
    - terrible Life system. Campaign Hard mode with 3 stupid AI's that dont help you, leaving you with all the hard work = lots of deaths especially in boss battles. Apply that to online, and its not fun at all going back to the lobby to start the stage again because other people kept falling of the train on stage 3-3.

    So i returned the game today to EB. $100? what a rip off.

    still haven't played either games - but despite the poor reception, i still want to give dark void a shot...

    ...Bionic commando i couldn't give two tosses about..

    I really enjoyed Bionic Commando, and was really hoping it was the reboot of the franchise. However, it seems to only be hardcore fans of the original that bought it, I waited 20 years for it and I was impressed. Call me whatever, I'm used to it :-D

    I rented Bionic Commando and thought it was a pretty fun game.

    And whilst on the subject of Capcom I would like to add that Resident Evil 5 was a terrible game and the people who made it and anyone you thinks it's a good game should all die painful and slow deaths.

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