BioShock 2, Gears Of War Figures Exclusive To Comic-Con

At this year's Comic-Con in San Diego, toy company NECA will be selling a few exclusives from their video game lines. Only attendees - or savvy web shoppers - will be able to pick up these up.

Three video game figures will be sold: two from BioShock 2, and one from Gears of War 2. The BioShock figures are Eleanor and a "rescued" Little Sister, who come in a double pack, while the Gears figure is incidental (at least for now) character Jace Stratton.

Being Comic-Con exclusive, they'll be in short supply, so if you want to get one either head down to the show itself, or be prepared to spend a little extra than you normally would.

The San Diego Comic-Con will be held July 22-25 at the San Diego Convention Centre.


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