BioShock 2’s Latest DLC Hits PS3 And 360 Tomorrow

BioShock 2’s Latest DLC Hits PS3 And 360 Tomorrow

BioShock 2‘s “Rapture Metro” pack of downloadable content, abruptly delayed from its original release two weeks ago, was rescheduled just as abruptly today. 2K Games today said the DLC rolls out tomorrow.

The DLC is 800 Microsoft Points/$US9.99 and is available on PS3 and Xbox 360 tomorrow. The PC version of the DLC is on the way with an unspecified delivery date.

With it you get six new multiplayer maps, three new achievements/trophies and a “rebirth” feature that awards a special mask to players who have hit level 50 and choose to rank down to level 1.

2K also reminds that a Character Pack that includes Zigo the Fisherman and Blanche the Actress (pictured), will also be available tomorrow for 160 Microsoft Points/$US1.99. You might remember that both of these multiplayer characters were available as preorder premiums through GameStop.

Both it and the Rapture Metro pack are said to be available for PC “soon”.

BioShock 2’s Rapture Metro Pack due out Tomorrow for PS3 and 360 [Cult of Rapture]


  • I played one round of multiplayer before the single player campaign to see if the game was performing well enough on my PC. Never went back to it after finishing the game and never felt worse off for it.

  • What’s the MP community like for Bioshock 2? I heard it’s pretty lackluster but they seem keen on pumping more stuff out for it.

    • Mixed feelings. On one side, it’s really fun ESPECIALLY if you play with friends (either on a team against some other lot of people) while on the other hand it can be incrediably frustrating as pretty much EVERYONE uses the same tactic: Electric plasmid plus nail gun to the head = headshot kill (it’s especially annoying as it’s successful 95% of the time!).

      It’s a 50/50. I like it as it’s pretty fun, however I loathe everyone who uses the “electric headshot.” I don’t care if it’s a legit tactic, it’s cheap and all of you who use it know it!

  • Does anyone even play Bioshock 2 multiplayer?

    I wish they added some single player DLC. Maybe a short campaign that lets you play a guy during the fall and you have to escape the city or one that lets you play as that guy whos daughter was kidnapped from the surface and his come down to Rapture and is seaching for her.

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