BioShock, Zelda And Left 4 Dead Never Looked This Cute

shysuiko enjoys drawing little Chibi versions of video game characters in her spare time. The style normally isn't my favourite, but when it's applied to Andrew Ryan and a Hunter from Left 4 Dead, I can come around.

She's drawn series of characters from Left 4 Dead, BioShock, Zelda, Silent Hill, Odin Sphere and even Elebits. They're available as stickers from her online store, and while they may look a bit too "cute" for most of you, for others they'll be perfect. They stand around three inches tall and are $US1 for each character, so if you've got some spare space that's just calling out for a huggable version of Left 4 Dead's Francis, you know where to go.

[shysuiko, via Super Punch]


    Looks uglier than the Wind Waker to me...

    I must admit I'm not terribly sold on most of these... but the Silent Hill is quite good. Aww lookit a wittle Pywamid Head wiv his wittle knifey-wifey...

    The L4D ones are good.
    I've definitely seen better/cuter Zelda art (like Honey Bee Tea

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