Black Wii Will Cost $199, Include Both Wii Sports Games

Black Wii Will Cost $199, Include Both Wii Sports Games

The black Wii console, which we already knew was coming, has today been officially revealed by Nintendo of America. It’ll still be $US199, and include not one game, but two.

Along with the Wii console, controller and nunchuk, the new Wii pack will include a Wii MotionPlus accessory and a copy both of Wii Sports and its sequel, Wii Sports Resort. We knew this too, but still, confirmation is always appreciated.

This price and bundle deal will extend to both the black and existing white models of the console, with the new pack (and black Wii) going on sale on May 9.

Kotaku AU Note: The black Wii launched in Australia on March 11. It’s bundled with Wii Sports here, not Wii Sports Resort.


    • Bundles tend to be different in every territory. It’s Nintendo Australia’s call.

      Most retailers seem to have taken the initiative and bundled Sport Resort anyway.

      • And yet, Nintendo Australia decides to charge us DOUBLE what Nintendo America is charging for their customers.

        Since the AUS dollar is just about on par with the US dollar, I don’t quite see the justification in the 100% inflation, and we get 1 less game to go with it.

        • The Wii is now $299 in Australia, so it’s not double the US price. Also, Nintendo Australia doesn’t get its consoles from the US, so the US price has no bearing on the Australian price. Look to Europe instead – we’re part of Europe, don’cha know!

          • Still Dave, they’re not being very nice, are they?

            BUT Nintendo Australia will trasfer all of your files from your original White Wii to your new shiny Black Wii for the cost for postage. Good news for Connection Ambassadors like me. Wouldn’t wanna lose all those free games!

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