Blur Punches Mario Kart In The Balls

Blur, the latest racing game from the team behind the Xbox's Project Gotham series, has copped a little flak for being like Mario Kart, only with real cars. Instead of deflecting that argument, this ad just runs with it.

To great effect! Sure, it does nothing to make me any more interested in picking up the game, but it does have me more interested in seeing more ads taking the piss out of other games.

Blur will be out on May 25 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

[via Wired]


    Funny stuff. The main character in the ad sounds so much like Towelie from South Park...

      haha so true.

      he sounds way to close to towlie . it makes me hate the commercial . and how funny is it that this game is a disney game... disney mocking cartoonie stuff .. WOW!

        WHOOPS .. BLUR IS NOT MADE BY DISNEY ... i was thinking of split second .

    Yeah who doesn't enjoy a bit of game-stabbbing-competitor-game action? Though I personally still choose mario kart. gc/64/snes, wii does not count.

    roflmao! that is the greatest promo vid i've seen in a while

    hah, that's gold.

    Blur features real licenced cars? I guess the days of car companies being worried about their cars being damaged in games is well and truely over if this game can be made...

    The more a game plays like Mario Kart the more interested I get.

    I will check this game now.

    Makes you wonder if it's the little cartoon guys who managed to escape behind the wheel of the cars in blur...
    Green afro for the win!


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