Brave Man Conquers Super Mario Bros With Dance Dance Revolution Pad

Footloose Dracula slayer Nick Hagman and his stuffed anipals have done it again. The man who bravely defeated Castlevania using nothing but his feet and a DDR dance mat has danced his way to another victory, defeating Super Mario Bros.

Hagman puts his Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix controller to use once again on the Virtual Console version of the NES classic, saving the Mushroom Kingdoms fair princess after just 15 attempts. It makes for nearly 11 minutes of truly riveting YouTube clip viewing. What else can we say? Get this man's picture in the paper and the key to the city! And step on it! [via Giant Bomb]


    I beat my friend in Soul Calibur 2 with a dance mat while he was using a GameCube controller once...*feels proud*

      That's. Awesome.

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