Bungie: Halo Reach Is Being Overwhelmed, Repairs Underway

Bungie: Halo Reach Is Being Overwhelmed, Repairs Underway

Can’t complain when things go bad in a beta, can we? Word from Bungie is that intense server activity is gumming up the works:

“We’re aware and working to resolve slow matchmaking times and inaccessible playlists. As soon as we’re back up and running at full capacity, we’ll make some noise. Stay tuned for more information and thanks for your patience.”

Having troubles with the Halo Reach beta? Let us know.


  • i couldnt play it this morning 🙁 bungie servers being overwhelmed
    i didnt even bother trying to contact anyone because it was 6am and i was going to tafe lol
    it better be done by the time i get home

  • That’s why they call it a beta.
    I’m just happy to be helping reveal these problems now instead of having them happen whilst I play when the game is actually launched 🙂

  • i’m very pleased with the idea of playable betas / demos.

    in the case of battlefield bad company, it spurred my interest and eventually resulted in my purchase of a game that i thought would be replaceable by modern warfare 2.

    that said, when i went to slip into some reach beta last night i found myself staring at a ‘preview multiplayer beta’ notice at the bottom of the start screen.

    a brief stint of legendary solo play of the campaign, during which i was taken down by 4 brute shot hits and thoroughly disheartened at my former spartan resistances, and i ended up watching ‘cosmos with carl sagan’ instead. 🙂

  • How did they not expect it though? The exact same bloody thing happened in Halo 3 Beta.

    Still… it is a Beta for a reason, so my complaints are really only half hearted

    • Yeah I have to agree. I am a halo fan, and fully understand that this is just a beta, but I would think that they would have been ready this time around. Surely they could estimate how many people would be coming on through ODST sales and beta code giveaways, and the experience with the Halo 3 beta should have helped. Maybe this is the sort of thing you just can’t test for.

      Hopefully they put a few more days onto the Beta for this. Or just to be nice. I mean 16 days is pretty short.

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