Call Of Duty: Black Ops Has 4-Player Co-op, Flying

A few more details on Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops popped up today, answering a few of the more pointed questions arising from the game's debut trailer.

Intrigued by the presence of an Sr-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft? According to this report (though be warned, the wording is vague), you're flying it. Wondering about the kind of guns that will be in the game? There aren't just guns, there are also crossbows. And yes, all that snow you can see means that you won't just be fighting in the jungles of Cuba and Vietnam; you'll also be blowing stuff up in Mother Russia as well.

The game will also feature 2-4 player co-op, with the game's main story focusing on two characters over "multiple covert international conflicts"

That's about all that can be gleaned from a depressingly brief "preview" over on USA Today, but the flying stuff will be interesting, since previous games have only let you roll a camera around, not the plane itself.


    My hope for the COD franchise just got a little bit bigger.

    So happy to hear they are bringing back co-op... but really worried that they are yet to hint at zombies :|

      Zombie communists?

        Zombie Viet-cong...

      Zombies have already been confirmed.

    The heading made me think there was going to be Kick-Ass-style jetpacks! Ah well, I guess a blackbird is the next best thing...

    I'm sorry, did I read crossbows? I'm intrigued to see where they implement those, and just how they're going to make them work.

    Maybe they should make a medieval Call of Duty. They can call it Call of Empires.

    I don't mind Treyarch, they always seem to be keen on doing something differently with COD, which is great!

    Yet, I'm too used to the destructible environments of Bad Company 2 and Treyarch's games are never as polished as IW's.

    Now that IW are [more or less] gone, COD is dead. It'll get milked until the reviewers start giving it crap ratings.

    Viet Cong Zombies - they could pop out of the ground in hidden tunnels!

    Not interested until I hear that dedicated severs and modding is a go for the PC community.

    Crossbows and Russia?

    Yes, I'm getting this :P

    Flying an unarmed spy plane sounds too boring for a Call of Duty game.

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