Can You Spot The Differences?

These days the majority of multi-platform games look about the same. Not No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise.

No More Heroes was originally released on the Wii, but No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise is an HD port of the game. Heroes' Paradise was release on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 in the middle of last April.

How are these screenshots different? More comparisons in the link below.

ひるいなき コイン いっこ いれる [ひるいなき コイン いっこ いれる]


    looks like they have different HDRs(High Dynamic Ranges) between the 360 and the PS3 version. Although personally I could be sure which one is better.

      whoops typo: no, I'm not sure which one is better

    That's really odd. The last set of screens.. I wonder if the 360 suffers from awful pop-in? But in the set of screens second to to last, texture quality is better on the 360 screen. I prefer the 360 lighting.

    Based on those 2 images above, the PS3 seems to win, the building on the right, there is a huge difference...

    Dear Kotaku

    Please stop talking about this game until a western release of some kind is confirmed. You're merely making me sad.

    Thank you.

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