Cannes And Lynch

Once every year the resort town of Cannes, France is transformed into a mecca of motion picture advertising, including this first look at marketing for the Kane & Lynch movie. As Twittered by Empire magazine.


    I’m tempted to say that this movie will suck arse just like the game, but for some reason I think it will cost me my job.

    Very cool, hopefully it'll be good!

    bit early to have posters like that up. the movie probably wont film for ages with the way things seem to go with hollywood these days.

    Um Jamie Foxx as Lynch hey... am I colour blind?

      No, but you should be.

    i love it when Willis gets all dirty.

    ...wait... maybe i should rephrase that...

    i love it when Willis gets all dirty.

    that much better :)

    Sorry but Willis and Foxx are just not ugly enough to play Kane and Lynch.

    "From the HIT videogame....come's the HIT movie!"


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