Capcom Founder Would Like You To Guzzle This

Capcom Founder Would Like You To Guzzle This

Osaka-based game developer Capcom is known for… developing games. The company’s boss now has side business, though. Let’s drink to that. No, literally.

Last weekend, Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto opened a new US$100 million winery in Napa, California that boasts two fermenting rooms and a cave to age barrels of wine. As Kotaku previously pointed out, Tsujimoto’s wines are priced between ¥5,000 and ¥15,000 (US$51 – $US153) a bottle and are named “Ai” (“indigo” in Japanese), “Murasaki” (“purple”), “Rindo” (“Japanese Bell Flower”) and “Asatsuyu” (“morning dew”).

“I’m not making the wine just to show off, or for status,” Tsujimoto said in a recent interview. “The wine we can produce from here is comparable or better than French wines. That’s why I decided on this place.” He plans on spending half his time at the estate once he retires from running Capcom.

According Tsujimoto, crafting video games and crafting wine are “exactly the same.” There is a branding opportunity here, Capcom!

Big names may help Kenzo Estate winery thrive [SFGate via GameSetWatch]


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