Capcom: Japan Has No Hope In Hell Unless…

Capcom: Japan Has No Hope In Hell Unless…

When Osaka-based Capcom isn’t making popular video games, it is doing something else entirely: ragging on the Japanese game industry.

Last September at the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom exec and Mega-Man designer Keiji Inafune declared the country’s game industry “finished”.

Now it’s Lost Planet 2 producer Jun Takeuchi’s turn. “If the Japanese games industry doesn’t evolve and simply maintains its current status quo, I really don’t think we have a hope in hell,” he recently told publication Xbox 360 World.

“Drastically innovative ideas are needed — and quickly — to equal or exceed the Western games industry.”

Everyone gets so down on the Japanese game industry, but forgets one very important point: Nintendo is a Japanese video game company, and it has tons of ideas (some very good, some very bad). Regardless, that company has been pretty successful!

News: Japan doesn’t have ‘hope in hell’ [CVG]


  • While the East might be falling into a rut with Singleplayer games.. the West is falling into a rut with multiplayer games.

    I think we need the 3DS and PSP to really thrive internationally before the east can really express its self properly again.. it just doesn’t get the solitary media consuming nature of the west atm i think.. and its court up with transferring the social experience of a arcade to handhelds. which i think is a great thing!

    People are picking up 360 games like they are DVD movies.. now.. and playing thru things like they are quick worthless fun.. while japan is still holding onto hardcore investment.. no gamer score does not count as hardcore!!

    its all abit messed up but i think people might get sick of western games soon and just watch more TV shows instead.

    I hope a new push of portable games (as in you can play-continue-save-load on any hardware) across platforms resets every thing and helps people refocus on hardcore experiences.. and stop using their consoles like DVDplayers and their controllers like fast-forwarding remotes.

    gaming ‘could’ be screwed world over soon enough i just takes afue million people to realize that they are actually bored with the way things are going in the west (like i am)

    • Wow, well said. Couldn’t have put it better myself. I’ve been bored with gaming for a long time, minus the occassional adventure title like Machinarium or Whispered World. Developers like Daedalic, with Deponia and New Beginning on the way, are all I’m really looking forward to any more…

    • Good post heath. I was thinking the same thing myself. It’s much harder to spot upcoming gamer fatigue than to see poor sales (representing already passed gamer fatigue), but I think that is definitely starting to set in in western game development.

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