ChatRoulette: The Game

Tired of playing the old "how many dicks can I see in an hour?" game on webcam novelty Chatroulette? Might want to try something a little more structured.

ChatVille is a program that takes the core concept of ChatRoulette - being introduced to random strangers via webcam - and adds a little "game" to it, with accomplishments and achievements to be earned for things like being friendly and polite.

What's more, it's compatible with Facebook, so those achievements can be spammed to everyone you went to high school with and now don't have the guts to say you don't like anymore.

Sounds great in theory, but then, so did Chatroulette. And look what that became!

Chatville [Facebook, via VentureBeat]


    Probably going to turn out the same as ChatRoulette in the long run.

    Chat roulette is kinda pointless. Lots of dicks and cams that are just pics with a link to some porn or web cam site.

    I will try chatville at some point.

    Do you get gamer points for to xbl acc?

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