Cheaper Time-Limited StarCraft II Solid In Mexico, South America

Cheaper Time-Limited StarCraft II Solid In Mexico, South America

StarCraft II fans south of the US border will have two ways to pay for the game, with Blizzard revealing a less-expensive, time-limited version of the game for players in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

Here’s how this works. Players in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil can pay $US299 MXN, $US119 ARS, $US13,900 CLP and $US49.90 BRL respectively for a version of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty that comes with six months of play time via the new version of Once the time expires, players can opt to purchase 30 or 60-day subscriptions at rates not yet revealed.

It’s an excellent option for South American and Mexican gamers, giving them localised Latin American Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese versions of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty at a fraction of the relatively exorbitant price they’d normally pay. At current currency conversion rates, the time-limited versions all fall between $US20-$US30.

“One of our design goals for StarCraft II was to make it accessible to a wide range of players, from beginners to veterans,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “The same is true with regard to our pricing options – we want to make sure players have the flexibility to experience the game according to their own preferences and play style.”

Players in these countries will also be able to purchase an unlimited access version of the game directly from Blizzard for a price comparable to the US price of $59.99.

How does this sound to our Mexican and South American readers? Seem fair?


  • Sounds like a form of combatting pre-owned sales.
    Some people might like the idea of not spending much money on a game though.
    Good luck to them.

  • Get them hooked then charge a fee.. ohh god blizzard what have you become. (they are doing this in russia as well)

    why don’t they just make the full retail copy cheaper in places that cant afford it!! they earn profit on any and all sales.. regardless of price. Do the world a favor and don’t be greedy or the world will be greedy back at you and not pay for your virtual goods.

      • “…giving them localised Latin American Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese versions of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty…”

        Dunno about you buddy, but I can’t speak those languages.

    • Well, i’m a brazilian and I just dont beliave in that; Thats outrageous!
      I wll buy a USA copy of the game via Internet.

  • Im mexican, have played SC for years, still playing it, im even hosting a game right now. Ok, First when i just knew about the 2 options got me scare it become something like WOW where you have to paid to play online, that sucks, now that im reading that is for 6 months (cheapest option) an that there is another way to but it from Blizzard for like 50 US Dollars seems ok, where do i live (La Paz Baja Calfornia Sur , near Cabo) Blockbuster will sell it for 1000 Pesos its like 95 US Dollars and will have an action figure, a book art, unlimited online game and the other option will cost like 25 Dollars the cheap one (6 months of battlenet), but i’ll try the third option i guess, but it on Blizzard.

    • you can’t be mexican because if you were you would know that 1000 pesos is more like 75 USD not 95, eso o estas bien pendejo y no sabes a cuanto esta el dolar!

  • As long as there is a standard version I think its fine. Ok ok, Blizzard got a little greedy and would like to lure gamers that think “The Queen of Blades” is an american soap opera; someone is making his/her job really well in the sales dept.

    My advice is to avoid that version, squeeze the extra $$ and go for the standard version. I’ve played the beta and YOU WILL BE addicted to SC2 (or at least play it for more than a year).

    If you have a Kerrigan inflatable doll in your closet I bet you already pre-ordered SC2 collector’s edition, Blizzard loves you, the WoW-like version is not for you.

    Me, I don’t believe in plastic-wrapped cardboard packed tree-killer software so I will definitely wait for the downloadable green unlocalized version.

    See you in!
    Live for the Swarm!

  • There is no standard edition for south america, only the cheap edition (wich will be more expensive in the end, paying every month) or the limited edition, wich is roughly 200$US in Chile.
    It’s a scam, I’ll just buy the US version from the internet.

  • First, you won’t want to import this version because it is the first time that blizzard creates a LatAm server and it is isolated from the American Server, so you won’t be able to play with other North American users.

    Second, you can get the game from directly with a competitive price that is near or around $60USD, which is respectful.

    Third, at least in Mexico the full version is only available online, they did not provide full versions to stores.

    Fourth, all versions are localized, I’m terribly sorry.

    Fifth, There is no chance you can upgrade from time limited on to full versions without paying the 60usd that the full game costs, which is outrageous.

    areucrazy, In tijuana, exchange prices is a bit different than in the rest of the country, so is IVA (it is 10% or 11% instead of 16%) if you have not noticed.

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