China Rips Off The IPad With The IPed

The iPad finally goes on sale in Japan today. The country's TV news have been covering the launch as well as another product on sale in nearby China: the iPed.

According to this TBS news report, the iPed is on sale in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen is the location of the largest Foxconn plant, where the iPhone and the iPad are manufactured. The iPed comes packaged in a box that looks like the iPod.

But it says iPed.


Dramatic close up.

The instruction manual says APad, though. Go figure.

While it is slightly heavier than the iPad, the device is powered by an Intel chip and runs on Google's open source operating system Android. But like the iPad, it is a multi-media device.

And is priced at the equivalent of ¥9,600. The iPad is priced at ¥48,800 in The Land of the Rising Sun. The Japanese television reporters note that in China popular electronics are copied quickly.

And China is getting better and better at it. Apple, you better watch out. These guys are gonna eat your lunch. And one day, eat it better than you.

中国人さっそくiPadをパクる その名もiPed [画像&動画ニュースぶろぐ]


    It's called APad cause its a pad, get it.

    Yeah i know, its pretty bad.

    If it runs on android, then it can run flash right? So wouldn't it be superior to the ipad? lol.

      it's not made by apple, that makes it superior to the ipad :)

        HA! true

    I'm totally conflicted by this... Apple; one of the biggest douche-bag companies in the world and China; one of the most corrupt countries in the world, met and caused such an intense singularity of insanity that something quite good actually came out of it, but with a pretty silly name… Also, totally want!

      If you think China is corrupt, pfft, take a look at the US. China is developing extremely fast you know.

        Great reply qwertyman :)US can't compare to china these days. . Us are just low life competitors who know they have no chance :P

    I reckon this would be more superior to the iPad because of the funtions Apple have deliberately left out, Flash, third party apps and drag and drop function. If they have a good reliability record i would have no troubles getting this over the real thing.

    Just. Get. A. Freaking. Laptop.

    An internet device that cant run flash is BS. I dont like my iPhone for that reason.

      Beg to differ, it DOES have a pre-installed Youtube app anyway, which is pretty much all you really need unless you thoroughly enjoy looking at crap flash video streaming websites. Which some people have the necessity to do (either for school filter bypassing or some other reason (ie. copyright BS on Youtube, ugh.)). I like my iPhone as it saves me having to worry about school filters :)

    It sure seems a hell of a lot better than the iPad but be warned, these cheaper devices break easier than the real thing. I've bought $5 8GB mp3 players off ebay from Hong Kong.
    They work okay but one accidentally got dropped from less than a meter off the ground. Never worked again. I also had another one that came with a vicious virus, I had no virus protection at the time so it killed my computer.

    I'd love to see a iPed/Apad versus iPad side by side, it would be interesting to see how this knock off compares to the original especially as it costs less than 1/5 of the iPad's Japanese pricing.

    All this talk about the APad/iPed, and none of the HiPhone...

      what about the oPhone?

    One letter "o" off being a kiddy fiddler device.

      I can see the slogans now.
      "Do you pedo? iPedo."
      Cut to a shot of a bear peeking at the box.
      Sweat drop.

    I just order mine from for $199 including shipping by UPS WorldWide (Direct from China). I'm sure it's a smart choice for android developer to try their apps on larger screen !

    I purchased mine from

    Just got one from,it looks ok

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