Chinese Comic Artist: Judge Me By My Work, Not Looks

Xià Dá, a Chinese comic book artist, is 28 years old. She recently appeared in a photo layout in a Chinese PSP magazine. The photos from that layout caused quite a stir online.

"I'd rather people not make a fuss over my looks," says artist. She notes that her fans have been following her work for the past five years. "It's got nothing to do with the fuss online."

Apparently, she is a total otaku and is only interested in manga, spending most of her time drawing manga.

容姿じゃなくマンガで評価して!「美人すぎる漫画家」がお願い-中国 [Record China via Sankaku Complex][Pic]


    Age check plz

    Is that her in the first picture?! She looks like she's 10! Damn that Asian eternal youth gene. It's not fair. =[

    hey in return they really don't age well- by the time she is 40, she will look miles worse this.

      Neg, when she turns 40 she'll look 25

    Why would you make a fuss over her looks? Sorry, I'm an ignorant Westerner. Are 11 year olds considered attractive in Asia?

      Like JK said when she's 40 she'll look 25. Wish I had that kind of assurance.

    Damn, young looking asians are soooo unnatractive...

    If she dressed like an adult she wouldn't look quite so young...

    JK is wrong, Asian women have this magical ability to look like they're in their teens up until about age 30-35 (maybe40) then all of a sudden it all comes in at once and they look like old hags. It's true.

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