Code Required For UFC Undisputed Online Play

The game's street date isn't until Tuesday, but someone already has the Xbox 360 version and uploaded this video, found by Pasta Padre, in which the Xbox Live menu is greyed out and displays an advisory that a code is needed to access online features. The code's free in every new retail copy of the game, or may be purchased through the Xbox Live Marketplace, or PlayStation Network for PS3 version owners.

THQ remained mum on the subject throughout the week but just released a statement confirming the code and its $US5 price. "This multiplayer content for UFC Undisputed 2010 will be available via a one-time code included with the game at purchase. Codes for accessing the content will be available for second-time buyers for an additional $US5."

From the video linked, it looks like the code covers all of the game's multiplayer content, not just the "Fight Camp" mode touted in THQ's statement. But it's unknown if any free trial period will be available for those who rent the game. THQ's statement said more details will be forthcoming at the game's official community site.

Confirmed: UFC 2010 Requires Code for Online Play [Pasta Padre]


    Game prices have not changed for many years, but the cost to make games has increased dramatically.
    Companies need to make their money back and they can not make money through used game sales.
    This approach by EA seems completely reasonable to me.
    Mass Effect 2 has the Cerebra Network which can only be accessed with an original copy or paying for the unlock.

    Now, if consumers have to pay extra to play multiplayer with a new sealed copy then (to me) that would be overstepping the line.
    Much like having to pay extra for DLC that is already on the disc.

    The argument from the developers is that years ago games were the same price and you got (for example) ten hours game play. Gamers were happy with that.
    These days, you pay the same price but you get, potentially, hundreds of hours game play via multiplayer. Developers what a piece of that.

    I am actually surprised that for games like BF:BC2, which have dedicated servers, gamers arent having to pay extra to play on those servers. Game companies have to pay to keep those servers running. Thats an extra expense that comes out of every game sale.
    The extra fee that we are talking about here, to play multiplayer with a used game, would go towards the cost of those dedicated servers.
    As far as EA are concerned if you bought a USED game and got to play on their servers youre getting their service for free.
    They got no money from your purchase, but they have to accommodate you for free on their servers? Seems a little unfair on their behalf.

    i just bought ufc 2010 and the activation code on the game wont work..
    does any one have any suggestions??
    any help is appreciated

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