Collector Who Wanted Crappy Demo No One Wanted Speaks

Collector Who Wanted Crappy Demo No One Wanted Speaks

Isn’t $US710 a bit much for a crummy PSOne demo – seemingly worthless when it was handed out 12 years ago? The collector who won the bidding for NBA 2-Ball thinks he got a steal on the price.

Speaking under the pseudonym “Richard,” the winning bidder told Multiplayer Games that the disc’s rarity and the completionist mentality of game collectors means sometime, someone’s going to pay a lot of money for this game. NBA 2-Ball also has a unusual provenance – it came only in a sleeve and was handed out as a prize at the 1998 NBA All-Star Game in Madison Square Garden.

I think it was a steal. I would not consider a PlayStation collection complete unless it included this game … There are not many people now trying to complete a PlayStation collection, but take my word for it there will be in the future. Just as no one thought about collecting a complete set of NES games 15 years ago, it will happen. The PlayStation may not be as popular as the NES today, but, it will be in 2020! Everyone of those collectors will want this game to complete their collection. I could see this game being worth $US5,000 or more, even if more of them come out.

Sounds like a lot, but the way things are heading, I bet $US5,000 in 2020 won’t even cover a month’s rent.

Read more of Richard’s thoughts on game collecting, and the need for games preservation – even of crappy demos no one wanted – at the link.

Interview: NBA 2 Ball Auction Winner [Multiplayer Games]


  • So, would that huge box of PS1 and PC demo discs under my bed be worth anything? I was gonna chuck it all out…

  • He keeps saying ”Everyone of those collectors will want this game to complete their collection” and its a ”must have game.”
    Its not even the game, its a crappy demo that war originally free because who the hell would pay for a demo? I don’t even think the game in its self is worth anything.

    • That’s because you don’t collect the games, though. A collection without this disk is an incomplete collection.

  • I have a decent PSX collection that even includes quite a few demos.
    All the demos I got “free” from magazines and even the quartely postal demo from PS au.

    There is no way on Buddah’s green earth I would pay for a demo.

  • Some people trade in shares that may or may not go up, some people (apparently) trade in game discs I’ve never heard of.

    I would think buying ahead for the collector market was inherently more risky.

    Also I would think people got into collecting NES games for the nostalgia. Anyone going to be nostalgic about this?

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