Comparing The Worldwide Sales Of The Wii, 360 & PS3

In the past month, all three platform holders have handed in their financial results for the 2009 fiscal year. Bean-counters are pleased, but so are we, because we now know how many consoles have been sold worldwide.

As you know, the Wii leads, yet despite its head-start on the market the Xbox 360's lead over the PlayStation 3 is a precarious one, Microsoft's continued success in the US market obviously not translating to Japan and Europe.

As of March 31, 2010, then, here are your worldwide sales figures for the three current generation consoles.

Wii - 70.9 million

Xbox 360 - 40.3

PS3 - 35.9

Wondering how long it'll be until the PS3 catches the 360? Who knows what effect Project Natal will have on sales of Microsoft's console, but taking things as they stand, between 2008 and 2009, PS3 sales increased by three million. Over the same time, 360 sales decreased by 2.6 million.

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    Inserts RROD joke about consumers needing to buy 2 Xboxen.

    Full disclosure I am a PS3 owner, though I'd like a 360, the failure rate still concerns me, but I really want to play Alan Wake.

      To be honest I wouldn't let it dissuade you. The new consoles have much superior heat dissipation and are far better than the launch models in regards to failure rates.
      Regardless even though my launch console died twice - it was fixed and returned to my door in 5 business days - no other electronics manufacturer has a warranty service that is that good.
      I still have my launch x360 and a shiny second new arcade for the bedroom.

        I'm with Munky. I've had two separate 360s fail on me, one of them twice, but both had lightning fast turnarounds and on top of that my original Pro console was replaced the second time *outside* of the extended warranty period. While I'd prefer they not fail in the first place, that's the best service I've had from anyone, anywhere, ever.

          Meh, my 360 has died on my twice and then the third time Microsoft refused to fix it cause it was out of warranty - they then wanted to charge me $150 to fix it. So I went down to the shops, bought a $5 packet of thermal paste and fixed it myself. Hasnt died a 4th time but...

          Stick with the PS3.

          Cheers guys, I'll start looking for specials, though may wait to see what natal brings.

    Nice to see PS3 catching up. Competition is always a benifit to the market. Especially if you own all the consoles I guess!

    As time goes on, I'm confident PS3 will take over Xbox360, although it will be a tight win with prob a million or so difference.

    It's unfortunate, but PS3 won't have the win like they did with PS2, in fact that crown is now given to Wii.

    As for Natal/Move? Yea, they'll add more to each consoles, but they'll be more or less the same in terms of profit. As people from PS family won't be interested to buy xbox just for natal, just like people from MS won't be interested to buy PS3 just for move (or Wii HD for some).

      I sometimes go to site called SimExchange. It lists the sales for games, predications for upcoming games and even predictions on monthly console sales and lifetime sales.

      I don't follow it faithfully, i tend to only use the data for a game thats been released rather than going on predictions. (Although SOME are almost spot on, others fail HARD).

      The site has a permanent graph of the lifetime console sales and at the moment the Wii is predicted to sell a total of 142 Million. Which would probably push it JUST past the PS2.

      The Xbox and PS3 have predictions of 89 and 82, which would mean the Xbox beats the PS3. Now a year ago, the PS3 was predicted to beat the 360 - so it changes all the time. And yeah, its not reliable at all.

      But its weird how, this site who i guess looks at the market and the industry to gather its predictions, had predicted the PS3 to beat the Xbox during a time the PS3 was almost gathering dust on the shelves to now third place where its selling more on a year to year basis compared the Xbox? Like i said, unreliable.

      But then the Wii would need to double its sales RIGHT NOW to sell 142 Million.

      My belief is that, yeah the Wii will no doubt be the clear winner, but a game to a SKU can easily change one of those consoles sales dramatically for a year. A little change or addition can turn things around dramatically. For example, an early PS3 Slim.

      I'm shocked Nintendo haven't jumped on their usual SKU bandwagon with Wii additions like HD or larger storage. It's only been the Wii Black.

      The difference between the Wii and the Move/Natal is motion control is available straight away out the box. The others are add-ons. Unless they release their console with it in-built or similar, its not going to be as popular or appealing to consumers, especially families.

    i truly wish Sony fanboys/girls (yes we know you are out there don`t want you to feel "left out")) would just get over it and realise that sonys sales have gone up cos they selling at a loss to suck people into buying..... What were the last 3 SCE titles that ran at 1080p? or for that matter had a repair returned in a timely manner, only to have to send it back for repair again a week later? don't get me wrong, love the blue ray player but.... is a standalone player not good enough? Oh, great utilation on six axis sony, talk about wasted oppourtunity - at least Nintendo knew what to do with the technology. Anyways with any luck this rant may shut up a few of those brainwashed sony freaks

      Great work, I hope your continued ill will toward a piece of consumer electronic hardware keeps working out for you...

      come on man, complaining about fanboys/girls like that makes you a fanboy yourself. Everyone knows both companies are doing everything they can to rort the numbers. just let it be and get over it.

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