Counter-Strike: Source Gets 'Extensive Update', New Beta

Valve has released a new, still-in-beta version of the wildly popular online shooter Counter-Strike: Source, adding in new achievements, "domination and revenge" systems and other improvements that don't muck with the game's core experience.

What the new Counter-Strike: Source does appear to bring with it are a handful of features seen in other Valve-developed games. The domination and revenge system sounds reminiscent of the same feature seen in Team Fortress 2, not much more than a chance to feel good about racking up kill streaks against players (or breaking someone else's kill streak).

There are 144 new Steam achievements, a look at lifetime and match-specific player stats, as well as a few visual tweaks and Source engine updates. Valve says the beta will run for an unspecified limited time and that developer Hidden Path was tapped to help with the changes.

Here's the full list of beta changes, according to Valve.

  • 144 achievements added
  • New lifetime player stats and summary screens
  • New match player stats and summary screens
  • New end of round display with MVP and interesting fact about a player
  • Updated scoreboard with new icons, visual style, MVP stars, and avatar pictures
  • New cinematic death camera
  • New domination and revenge system
  • Added avatar icons to voice chat, scoreboard, and end of round display
  • Incorporated many source engine updates


    wow, nice... but how about bringing the console Orange Box's achievements for HL2 and EP1 across to the PC?

    That's cool, but what happened to bringing the TF2 updates to the xbox? Which was supposed to come ages ago.

    I'm sure it's Microsofts certification process that's holding up the TF2 updates. Plus, you know, having to chrage for them all is a little stupid considering they're free on PC.

    kill cam isnt needed
    its going to be like mw2 all over again

    Holy piss, how long have we been waiting for this?
    Second best news all day.

    OMFG - no new weapons, no riot shield and the kill cam extra is simply going to increase player rage to completely insane levels as they see that the shot that killed them should have been a blatant miss and was accurate only due to the fact that the recoil 'randomisation' algorithm used in this rediculous game just happened by chance to correct the aim of the opposing player.

    Pure fail diluted is still mostly fail I am afraid.

    A few more guns and maybe an update which results in tool server admins getting punched in the kidneys would have been enough for me.

    Once again valve provides us with no new Counter Strike at all.

    Even if this isn't the updated some didn't want, I'm still impressed that they are still updating this game. It just goes to show that Valve do care about their fans.

      I just read the first line of that and realised it makes no sense whatsoever, lets try it again.

      "Even if this update isn't what some would want,..."

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