Crackdown 2 Gets A Cartoon Series

Crackdown 2 Gets A Cartoon Series

Crackdown looks like a cartoon. I guess. With the cel-shading and everything. Not sure it needed an animated prequel series, though. What is this, 2008?

It’s not like anyone cares about the fiction of Crackdown. About its universe. They care about setting people on fire, and collecting green orbs, and doing those things with their friends, and that’s about it!

Still, on the off chance you are a passionate fan of the rich tapestry of inter-character relations and personal development underpinning the game, you should tune into this five-part animated series, the next four episodes airing each week for the next month.

Nice touch getting the narrator to… narrate it, though. He could talk me through brushing my teeth and I’d feel like I just kicked a man over a building.

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