Crappy Demo No One Wanted May Be Worth A Ton Now

At the 1998 NBA All-Star Game, fans received discs with the demo for a PlayStation game called NBA 2-Ball. The game was pretty bad - possibly defective - but it's extremely rare. So a surviving copy may be extremely valuable.

A New Jersey man provided pictures of the disc to a blog that a while ago had written about NBA 2-Ball, which runs on "the awful NBA Jam Extreme engine," so it wasn't much fun to gamers, and was utterly useless to those without a PlayStation. Most folks threw the discs away. Only two copies were known to survive as of a year ago, one of them cracked in two. This New Jerseyan would seem to have a third.

He's going to put it up for sale on eBay, where as we've seen before, very rare games have commanded five-figure bids. I haven't seen it listed there yet. Of course everyone is immediately skeptical of its authenticity, but the guy has answered all questions asked of him and provided as much visual proof as he can. So who knows?

NBA 2 Ball Located, Disc to be Auctioned [Multiplayer Games]


    i think rarity still has to somewhat coincide with quality

    it's a demo disc.

    The value of a product is not just determined by its rarity but the demand that exists for it. As an example, there are probably only a few copies of a 1992 Herald Sun October 4 (for a random example) around yet that doesn't mean it will fetch a high price. Collectors like there to be some interesting story involved.


    I have a million old demo discs like this, why aren't mine worth heaps?

    Awesome new get rich quick scheme

    Defecate in a container (perfectly sealed of course) then sell it in 20 years! It's so rare people will play millions!

      That idea stinks.


    I still have all my old PS1 demo disks, but they are worth as much today as the day I got them.

    Auction has started at $300 with no bids with 9 days left:

    Anyone else notice the "Not For Sale" written on the side of the disc?

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