Crappy Demo No One Wanted Sells For $710

Crappy Demo No One Wanted Sells For $710

It didn’t come close to breaking records set recently by other rare titles, but NBA 2-Ball, a freebie PSOne disc given out at the 1998 NBA All-Star game, probably set a mark for demos.

The item sold last night with a winning bid of $US710, better than double the opening bid of $US300, which some were sceptical this thing would even rate. Unlike other games with a more limited distribution, many NBA 2-Ball discs were handed out at Madison Square Garden 12 years ago. But the game was useless to anyone without a PlayStation, and those with the console found the game lacking … at best.

A New Jersey man is the seller; he says he bought it off a friend whose dad won it in a fan dunk competition at the All-Star game. Only two other copies were known to survive, although after we published our first post on the find, we got tips from others saying they were in possession of just such a disc.

NBA 2-Ball – PlayStation – Rare Game [eBay]


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