De Blob Goes Underground

One of the rare third-party successes on the Wii, de Blob, is getting a sequel. What colour does de Blob: The Underground add to THQ's burgeoning franchise?

According to the new issue of Nintendo Power, the additions include new moves, new foes, and, perhaps most interesting, "new 2-D platforming segments," taking away a dimension from the 3D adventure game. Nintendo Power's online preview is just a tease, but reveals that the game will coming to the Wii and DS in the spring of next year.

de Blob: The Underground [Nintendo Power]


    Wasn't that game like 8 hours long?? Fail.

      It took me at least twice that to finish it. And that's without counting the free play and other modes you unlock along the way. Fantastic and underrated game.

        Best of all it was Aussie Made.

          Bester of all was the soundtrack. And the fact that it was put onto a vinyl LP.

      Go play Final Fantasy 13

      So you think 99% of games released now are 'fail'?

      I would love to work on a game like De Blob, it is so a unique thing. Come on Blue Tongue, you can't say "no" all the time.

        They can and they will say no.
        De blob was okay. I enjoyed it. It wasn't the greatest game but it was more then decent for being an Australian original.

          Australian Original!?

          It was originally developed by Dutch University students. I like Wii de Blob, but preferred the original version.

      How is 8 hours fail?

    lol @ the troll... and it's even a bad troll at that...

    Fantastic game, good news that it's getting a sequel and certainly they can count on getting my money once again.

    the second is coming to all three consoles isn't it?

    First one was good, but missions were too long with no save ability

    I don't normally notice music in games or movies or TV, but de Blob's was just awesome. Really Melbourne-like, with the beats and the instruments coming in and out. I really enjoyed the game.

    I would have played way more of it if the save points were closer together. I have loads of fun with it for 15-20 minutes, then by the time I get to save, I've tired of it again.

    well, the new colour is PINK, obviously! ;)

    De Blob is now even more girl-friendly... my niece is gonna love it!

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