Designer Glasses Help Lower The 3D Dork Factor

Designer Glasses Help Lower The 3D Dork Factor

Wide acceptance of 3D in the home, whether for movies, television shows or video games, has a few imposing barriers. Price, support, and – perhaps most limiting – looking like a tool while staring blankly at your television screen, wearing 3D specs.

At least Nintendo is cognisant of this, readying a 3D handheld gaming machine that won’t require users to wear special glasses to enjoy dazzling three-dimensional special effects. Of course, Nintendo hasn’t outright blamed the dork factor as the reason it opted to go glasses-free for the Nintendo 3DS, but we have a hunch.

With 3D gaming coming to the PlayStation 3 sometime this winter, courtesy of a software upgrade for the console, support is bound to increase. Price is still an issue for those of us who don’t already own a 3D ready television, but the goofy glasses issue is being addressed.

Look3D is one of a handful of companies readying “designer” 3D glasses, with a wide variety of frames, colours and prescription styles available. Some are “RealD certified” and quite a few look quite wearable. The company isn’t exactly treading unexplored ground, but if you scoff at Ray Ban or Gucci prices, it’s an option.

Who out there in Kotaku land is 3D ready? Are you in need of some new glasses? Or are you with Roger Ebert on this whole 3D business?


  • I think 3D adds a lot to the experience, I saw How To Train Your Dragon in 2D first and really enjoyed the movie, then I saw it in 3D and it was much more immersive. The dragon ride sequences made me actually gasp and it was much more thrilling, the sequence above the clouds was more ‘beautiful’ the whole experience was much more like living it than watching it. Saw Avatar both ways, and while a cheesy story, the 3D was used well and pulled you into those sequences far more. I don’t think 3D is going away this time. Enough directors seem to have the sense to use it properly and I think we will get better movies and games because of it. I see Avatar as pretty much the same as Wizard of Oz was at the time with its use of colour. There wasn’t a lot groundbreaking in Wizard of Oz story-wise, but the use of colour and Special Effects that utilised the new medium of colour film really showed how colour could become part of the story-telling process and add to the experience. I reckon Avatar was the same, not big on story but showed how 3D could make the user more involved and buy-in to the experience more.
    3D works really well for me, and the cinemas I went to had a really high quality setup, perhaps people who don’t like it as much, it doesn’t work as well for them, or the cinemas were not setup properly?
    For gaming, I don’t mind wearing glasses if the 3D really enhances the game, I’d love to play Alan Wake that way. Hell, I’ll stand up and strum a plastic guitar, so a pair of dorky glasses doesn’t phase me.

  • I really wish people would get over this 3D fad. It’s pointless and adds nothing to any movie or game using it. It’s been around for years and only now are people interested in it.

    No one seems to share a thought for the minority that can’t actually use this 3D rubbish in the first place.

    Those glasses still look bloody ridiculous.

    • Should we share a thought for the minority that can’t use it? I mean I don’t mean to sound callous but there are plenty of people with vision problems that can’t enjoy movies at all. Or people who can’t enjoy games whether it be for the same reason, people who get motion sickness from games (a real thing) or perhaps just problems with dexterity.

      Seriously, just because a minority can’t use it doesn’t mean we should all just abstain. This just sounds like sour grapes.

      As for the glasses, they’re a functional thing not a fashionable thing. Does it really matter what they look like? I’m not concerned whether a black or white xbox is going to suit my room decor.

  • Looking at the website, it seems these glasses are suitable for use at a cinema, but won’t help in the home since most 3D TVs rely on active shutter glasses.

  • Now, I’m no fashionista, but those glasses still look awful.

    Look at the last photo of the couple. That blue pair looks hideous. He looks like Brains from Thunderbirds…

  • Meh, just wait and see is my motto on stuff like this. Eventually, prices will fall; eventually new products will come into the market. To me, 3D is here to stay, just as LCD/Plasma HD TVs are, just as color television was.

    As for right now? The problem with 3D for me is that I have to put them over my glasses, and I don’t know about you guys, but when I watch 3D movies often it gets rather fuzzy. If 3D became the norm and these things are still like what they are in the cinemas, my eyes will die.

  • You know what’s really annoying and it seems that it’s been completely forgotten?

    People with prescription glasses!

    It’s so annoying having to squish those stupid 3D glasses infront of my own prescription glasses.

  • I’m all for 3D – but i dunno about gaming in 3D.
    I really enjoyed Avatar for the fact it wasn’t a novelty and didnt throw things at you to draw your attention. I was one of many who saw it in both versions and the movie itself draws your attention.

    3D just signals to you the environment of Pandora in such a great way. But on the other hand i hated Alice in Wonderland cause it lacked a lot of 3D but was also so cheaply done and tacky. But the movie is crap anyway!

    The 3D glasses i have, the Read3D or whatever aren’t that bad. they bad on SOME but other than that, they’re just regular thick-rimmed tinted glasses. Some of these designs are available at cinemas anyway, like the Aviator look and has been for a while.

    and @luverly
    Fashion comes down to personal opinion, taste and choice.
    If fashion was all “this is whats in and everyone wear this” then a lot of peoples looks may be very different for the good and the bad. Fashion DOES follow that ‘guideline’ in some cases, but no ones really listens, which is evident walking in the city or going to a shopping mall.

    But what i find comfortable and cool, some may think looks stupid and vice versa. So 3D Fashion is the same as every other fashion too.

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