Did Square Enix And Yahoo! Change Japanese History? Um…

Did Square Enix And Yahoo! Change Japanese History? Um…

Earlier this week, a teaser site appeared on Yahoo! Japan, claiming that the web portal and the game company would change Japanese history. The teaser site than asked Twitter users to guess what was to come.

The guesses ranged from Dragon Quest online to a search engine game. Those guesses are wrong. Totally wrong.

Inside, we get this: Sengoku IXA, a free web-based game based the Warring States period. Many Japanese game developers have already made games based on the Sengoku era. But how many have made them with Yahoo!? And for free?

Japanese history will never ever bee the same. The Meiji Restoration? Ha, trifles! Square Enix and Yahoo! Japan show you how history is made.

For Japan, this game actually could be something like Farmville or any of the popular free-to-play games. That is possible; however, the roll out and build up for the game might have bungled that all up. The Twitter feed for the game’s teaser site has turned from keen guesses to, well, mocking.

Sengoku IXA [Official Site]


  • I’d mock it too. Change history? Come on, it was clearly never going to do that, why bother coming up with a tagline that it could never live up to.

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