Don't Cheat In Guild Wars, You Will Be Killed

Online role-playing game Guild Wars, like any other game played over the internet, has its fair share of cheaters. How Guild Wars deals with them, though, sets them apart.

Earlier this week, 3700 accounts were banned by the developers for "botting and match manipulation", "botting" being the use of automated programs to run through the game's boring stuff for you. Any guilds found to be behind such moves were instantly disbanded.

The crackdown itself isn't the fun part, though. No, that's in how the cheaters were publicly killed off on the game's servers, with "Dhuum" - basically the Grim Reaper - appearing out of the ground, in-game, and smiting them down for all to see.

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    Thats's awesome- lets hope we see this idea copied!

    Wow, that seems very familiar... but I can't place it. Maybe just deja vu :)

    Anyway, it's kick ass! Really brilliant!

    Might just be me but doesn't the Grim Reaper collect souls? Bots to my understanding are merely soulless husks...oh no wait sweeping generalisation to be made: Most MMORPG players gradually turn into soulless husks.

    Still awesome concept.

    I love this quote: "the use of automated programs to run through the game’s boring stuff for you."

    It looks like Guild Wars needs to look at why people are cheating and worry less about how to ban people in a flashy manner. If your game has "boring stuff" that people need to run though, you designed it wrong.

      People don't cheat because it's boring. They're either lazy, stupid or want money.

      Oh come on. Pretty much every mmo has bots. There will always be people who want more than they are supposed to be earning. They want to get money when they are asleep ect.

      And then you got the people who do it just to sell the gold.

      Every game on Earth has "boring bits", you always have to learn the ropes and do tutorials before you can jump straight to the moneyshot.

      In WoW, I know a lot of players use fishing bots to leave overnight and harvest fish for use as reagents for raids. It seems kinda tough. Some guy in your guild uses a fishbotter and you all get banned.

        The guilds that were banned were ones which participated in match fixing. Guild Wars has a PvP arena where guilds play against each other, and some guilds were deliberately losing to manipulate the ladder.

        Guild Wars has an achievement which will have benefits in GW2 that involves clicking on a bottle of alcohol in the players inventory every 3 minutes for 10,000 minutes. Some people were using bots to do this and got banned. Are they lazy? Maybe. If clicking on your inventory every 3 minutes for 10,000 minutes was fun, I think a lot of people would do it. Because it's not, only the incredibly addicted people did it and the rest either ignored it or botted.

    Yet another reason why Anet made the best MMO ever. While most MMO developers simply ban their bots (or simply ignore them) only Anet would summon a god of death to tear their souls from their bodies and send them screaming into the eternal abyss.

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