Don’t Hate Crysis 2 Because It’s Beautiful

Don’t Hate Crysis 2 Because It’s Beautiful

Instead, appreciate the photorealism of Crytek’s New York set sequel, which looks a lot like this in-game – provided you have the hardware to make Crysis 2 run this well, of course.

Crysis 2 is suiting up for a release on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 later this year, some time during EA’s third quarter. That’s between October and December to me and you. Until that time, enjoy not one, but two shots of Crysis 2’s urban jungle, which plump when you click ’em.


  • Just a guess. . . but I take it those screenshots arent the Xbox version, lol.

    Most people still cant run Crysis 1 at full detail.

    • yeah but games are starting to take the path of less about the graphics and more about the mechanics of the game

      making things more lifelike makes immersion way better and as much as a super nice vista is cool its also starting to become the norm and while they can make things crisper the things that will really make games look better are things like the physics of nature, integrating things like enemies actually leaving footpaths of where theve been to allow tracking or the way rain would truely effect the crysis suit when in that locale

      things that are less about prettty pictures and more about making you truely believe you are there and that your not some wierd supermutant that for some reason when shot in the thigh causes your eyes to bleed over 😛 or no matter what the weather conditions it always seems like you have the ability to see everything in superfine detail

  • I don’t know, I’m still underwhelmed by these screenshots, I guess you have to see it in action, but during the action you don’t notice the eye candy as much.
    I mean it looks good, but still looks very computer-gamey, you can look at a side by side with prototype and see that Crysis2 looks a lot better, but not better enough for me to care all that much during gameplay – certainly not enough for me to drop another $500+ to be able to play it. Maybe I’m just jaded.

    • i dont know about you, but i cant really tell and difference between 720 and 1080, now 460 and 1080 i can see a difference, but between a small gap like that.

      I just that singleplayer campagin is actually decent and that it has a good story, because the first crysis was just a freaking tech demo to show the engine, which ive never seen used anywhere in other games. its either the unreal, ID or an inhouse engine.

      • It is a small gap but you can tell the difference between 720p and 1080p. Its not so marginal that its imperceivable to the naked eye. I don’t mind it being 720p but if you come out bragging about the image quality and then only have 720p its a little unusual??

    But no where near half of the people who buy it on PC will even experience it the way the developers have.

    Their is no denying it looks great, but at the same time, with all the action going on – explosions and shooting etc… you don’t really notice that the graphics are freaking awesome and it just looks like another FPS with good graphics.

    Its only when you stop and look when you notice. Nothing wrong with that – but it does look like any regular game until you look at it closely in high resolution. I mean, MW2 has a some pretty neat graphics that are set in urban areas and daylight – so this could be MW2 for all we know.

  • I’ll have to wait and see, the beauty of the current generation is even the worst games can look spectacular, if this is just another paint by numbers FPS game then I’ll pass. The graphics on Resistance 2 sucked me in, but the game was so bland that after finishing the story mode I haven’t played it since, no online or second play throughs. After clocking in a lot of hours on Borderlands, just pointing a fancy gun at some alien looing thing doesn’t really cut it.

  • Sure it might take a few years before the average PC will get to experience it in full glory, but good on them for pushing the technology along as much as they can!

  • true, most people still cant run the first crysis properly on their systems, this will push the boundries even further…
    the guy getting shot in the second pic looks like he was saying “ROCK ON”…. just look at the goat sign on his left hand…. lol

  • Is it just me or is there no point joining in the “hardware upgrade war” anymore? A game that actually pushes technology forward is so rare nowadays that any computer built in the last half a decade will be more than enough for 99% of games.

  • I’m kicking 2×5870 Eyefinity 6’s in CrossfireX and an I7 920 running at over 4ghz, I’m ready to go baby.

    It’s a shame so few people got to enjoy the first 2 games as they were meant to be played, stellar titles if you had the dosh to run them.

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