Don't Screw With The Girls Of Smash Bros

Deviant Artist Kuroi-Tsuki shows us the stronger side of Super Smash Bros Brawl's female combatants. As seen at Deviant Art - thanks Jenzi!


    Wow, that's pretty darn awesome. Though I wasn't aware (and I will admit I am unfamiliar with SBB) that Zelda could do Kamehamehas or Hadoukens.

      Seeing this again I can't help but comment on the lighting - freakin' wow. If only I could draw clouds that well :'(
      Hell, if only I could draw any of that that well...

    That looks great, although Peach looks a bit like a cross-dresser.

    It's not a hadouken, it's actually just din's fire, hadoukenized.

    I don't remember Princess Zelda being quite so busty... damn you warped Deviantart-minds!

    Absolutely stunning piece of art work...

    ... now just get rid of peach...

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