Dr Mario, For Real

Former Nintendo boss Hiroshi Yamauchi, who ran Nintendo from 1949 to 2002, used to be the richest man in Japan. He isn't anymore. That doesn't mean he isn't willing to part with his cash.

Especially for a good cause.

Yamauchi has donated over $US80 million for a new cancer central in Kyoto - where Nintendo is headquartered. To build the eight-storey hospital, it was necessary get permission from the City of Kyoto. (Kyoto City has strict building codes to preserve the scenery.) This is not a Nintendo-branded hospital, but just good will.

Construction began in mid 2008. The hospital starts seeing patients this month.

京大病院「がん病棟」完成…任天堂相談役 ほぼ全額寄付 [Yomiuri Online]


    This is very nice too see.

    Need more people like this in the world. So many of the rich out there just hang onto their money despite having more than enough of it.

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