EA: BF1943 The World's Biggest-Selling Console Downloadable

Companies rarely, if ever, release sales figures for digital game sales. Makes compiling charts, and applauding records, difficult! We do know one thing, however: EA's Battlefield 1943 is the most popular console downloadable title ever made.

As part of it's fiscal year report released earlier today, publisher Electronic Arts says that the downloadable shooter has sold over 1.5 million units, and is the "best-selling download-only game on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade".

Since publishers are given raw sales data for their titles, it makes sense EA would know. Then again, without figures for other games to prove it, you're going to have to take their word for it.


    Good for you EA, now how about the damn pc version!

    I agree! Thought they said it was coming first quarter...

    would be nice if we got a map everynow and then and bug fixes :|

      I'm sure the bugs will be fixed soon. But they'll charge you $10 for the patch.

      EA did say that, depending on popularity, they would release the other maps.
      Guess its not yet popular enough.

    what about adding these maps into BFBC2 - now that would be alot of fun.

      hell yeah sure would be. i think its an awesome idea, although it will never happen.

    I would like to have the PC version already...

    Due to the HUGE delay, the PC version is NEVER going to reach the sales of the console and sell MUCH lower than the consoles...

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